As the island opens in spring, take a journey to see the Demons’ Dance and taste the flavors of the festival food

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With the harsh winter of the Sea of Japan passed, take a journey to share the joy of the Spring Festival with the Sado Islanders.
Stroll the village while "ONIDAIKO" play; connect with the islanders and enjoy the local foods and sake
This is a special travel plan to make you feel more like a local than a visitor.

Day 1

Niigata Station - to Sado and spend the day at "ONIDAIKO" festival, interact with the locals as a member of the village

Day 2

Back to Niigata. Enjoy traditional noppe stew and local sake. Experience Minato-machi culture and Furumachi geisha

Information Center


Sado Tourism Association
2F Ryotsu Port. Terminal Bldg. 353 Ryotsu-minato, Sado, Niigata
TEL 0259-27-5000