Discover Akan River “River Walk” ~Looking for music by the nature of Akan~

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Discover Akan River “River Walk”
~Looking for music by the nature of Akan~

Akan River is the only river that flows out of Akan Lake while many rivers flows into it. The area by this river, where the native landscape of the forest of Akan still remains is home to for diverse lives; as you go into the forest, you are welcomed by the sounds of the woods and the whistles of birds. Walking by this river, the sound of streams and fish swimming nearby will entertain you. The sound of the earth also can be heard at a hot spring spot.

Akan River

To hear the sounds around the river, we will rent you waders (a waterproof garment for the legs and body).
Plan Detail
Meeting place Akan Information Center of Marimu Kan
Duration 1 June 2018 ~ 31 October 2018
Excluded dates  
Timing AM9:30 (2.5 hours)
Group size 10 people
Minimum no. of participants 1 people
Price 4,500 yen per adult 3,200 yen per child (price per person based on 2 or more participants)
Contact for reservation NPO Akan Tourism Bureau
Application deadline 3 days before the day
Cancellation terms  
Special gift  
Fees included in price Guide fee, insurance
Age  Above 4th grade in elementary school (Above 140cm in height)
Weather Rain or shine (cancelled in case of a rough weather)
Please pay cash at the site.
Please wear walkable clothes. A hut is a must. Please bring drinking water and a rainwear.