The island where deities dance. Stay on Sado and experience the festival!

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The island where deities dance. Stay on Sado and experience the festival!

Onidaiko is a traditional performing art only found on Sado that is performed at festivals around the island to pray for safety for each household, give thanks for the abundant harvest and catch of the previous year, and also to ward off misfortune. Come to Sado for a unique festival experience.

Ryotsu Hayoshi Area

A village festival that welcomes spring takes place at the same place.「Onidaiko」


Haguro Shrine

Sado is an island where nature and performing arts are flourishing.


The festival takes place once a year and is a great chance to come into contact with the locals.


Words are not necessary to communicate with the locals at festival time.


The festival food prepared by the local ladies is full of wonderful flavors.

The Sado festival goes from house to house and wishes for health and abundant harvests for each family.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Ryotsu Hayoshi Area
Duration 2019/6/15
Excluded dates  
Timing Day before 15:00~18:00 Main Day 5:00~19:00
Group size 10 pax
Minimum no. of participants 1 pax
Price 30,000 yen per adult, 24,000 yen per child

Contact for reservation Sado Tourism Association 0259-27-5000
Application deadline 6 days prior to departure
Cancellation terms As per domestic travel terms (10 day prior 20%,4 days prior 30%, Day before 40%, Up to departure 50%, No show 100%)
Special gift  
Fees included in price Accommodation, Meals
Age Adults from 15 years and older
Weather May be cancelled in the case of severe bad weather
Day before(6/14)15:00 Meet at Sado(Onidaiko Practice)
Festival Day(6/15)5:00 Hayoshi Yabusame Kaikan・Onidaiko Event 〜 19:00 Finish