Gastronomy of Snow Country: The Gift from the Country Hill and Cooking by Hot-spring

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Gastronomy of Snow Country:The Gift from the Country Hill and Cooking by Hot-spring

Gastronomy in a hot-spring town on a country hill at its best. The local guide helps you to pick wild herbs, mushrooms and potatoes and enjoy them for your dinner. They are served with good local sake and branded meat such as “Tsumari Pork” or “Niigata Wagyu Beef”, cooked with the low heat from the hot-spring and grilled at the fire place. Please relax at a hot-spring with components good for your health. Breakfast next morning is full of local food that represents “the morning of a country hill” itself.

A path at Hot-spring town

The spring tour lets you pick about 10 kinds of wild herbs on your own to enjoy them as tempura and hot-pot. A local guide with special knowledge will attend the picking. Beginners are welcome.


A path at Hot-spring town

Let's go to a river with clear, cold water springing from hundreds years ago to remove the bitterness from the wild herbs you picked. The snow water refreshes both you and the herbs.


A path at Matsunoyama Hot-spring

Wild mushrooms at the end of autumn are the gift from the nature. The aroma of the deep mountain and trees left on the mushrooms is wild yet exquisite.


Yumori dokoro Jiro

An iron pot hung on a fire place is a must item in a fairy tale in Japan, making Japanese people yearn for the good old days.


Yumori dokoro Jiro

A fire place has been a place for family gathering. Cooking, eating and drinking around it is a traditional life in the snow country.


Yumori dokoro Jiro

The main dish is meat cooked at a low temperature at the fire place. It is very simply cooked with the heat from the hot-spring and grilled with charcoal. We promise that this is going to be one of the most delicious meat you have ever tasted.


Hinano Yado Inn Chitose "Tsukimi no Yu"

Matsunoyama hot-spring contains 15 times of components good for health as normal hot-springs. Hot-spring warms up your body and does good for your health, as has been so in Japan from long ago. For detail please check the website


Plan Detail
Meeting place Matsunoyama Hot-spring Hinano Yado Chitose (Tokamachi city, Matsunoyama Onsen)
Duration Sundays between 25 April~30 May, Sundays between 17 November~15 December
Excluded dates 6 May, 1 December, 8 December
Timing 14:00-10:00 next day (until the check out time)
Group size 4〜8 people
Minimum no. of participants 4 people
Price With 2 guests in one room it is 22,000 yen per person (tax not included)
Additional guests after that are 20,000 yen per person (tax not included)
If you would like a room with a private outdoor onsen attached it is an additional fee of 10,000 yen per person (tax not included)
Contact for reservation Snow Country Tourism Zone  025-785-5353
Application deadline 7 days in advance of the departure date
Cancellation terms In accord with Terms and Conditions (20% fee is charged for a cancellation received by 10 days before departure, 30% by 4 days, 40% by the day before, 50% by departure time, 100% if not showing up without contact)
Special gift  If desired, the guest can join the preparation for dinner with the collected ingredients as well.
Fees included in price Tour and overnight expense (including dinner, drink and breakfast)
Age No special setting for a child
Weather Rain or shine(Possible change in the tour content in case of bad weather)
Day 1/ Hinano Yado Chitose 14 :00 --- Picking Tour 16 :00 --- Back  to Hinano Yado Chitose 16 :00 (Check in) --- Bath at one of the three best baths in Japan with components food for health --- 18 :30 --- Finish Irori Dining 21 :00 --- Day 2/Breakfast 7 :30~9 :00 --- Check out~10 :00
A technical guide will attend the tour. Walking in the woods may wet or dirt your clothes. Please wear something that you don't mind getting so, as well as bring rain goods.