A Mini Outdoor Experience at a Mountain Resort in Spring / Summer

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A Mini Outdoor Experience at a Mountain Resort in Spring / Summer

An overnight tour to enjoy Yatsugatake Plateau from spring to summer. Why don’t you have an eco-friendly outdoor experience by SEGWAY or kayak? A guided walking tour to the stock farms at the bottom of Mt. Yatsugatake is offered for you to enjoy the majestic panoramic view of the mountains around.

Moegi no Mura (Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

Enjoy strolling around the garden designed by Paul Smither and locally brewed beer made with tasty water from Mt. Yatsugatake. Lovely shops, a carousel and a music box museum are also located inside the facility.


SEGWAY (Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

"SEGWAY Park & Ride" is a program inside Moegi no Mura, leisurely going through the paths in the forest to enjoy the seasonal beauty. Once in a while the guests dismount from the SEGWAY for a special view or observing local flowers.


Mountain Kayak (Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

Enjoy kayaking on the pond at 1,500m above sea level in the middle of Mt. Yatsugatake. Relax and float for a while on the surface of the snow water, spring water and rain water from the mountain, watching the reflection of the white clouds. After a short lecture from the guide for safety, you can paddle on your own.


Sun Meadows Kiyosato (Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

Sun Meadows Kiyosato Skiing Ground & Highland Park lets you experience a real mountain resort. While the field is green, you can go up as high as 1,900m above sea level with a lift and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of mountains including Mt. Fuji below you.


Nature Guide Walk (At the southern base of Mt. Yatsugatake)

This walking course covers all the highlights of Kiyosato Plateau, letting you enjoy the vast area of the base of Mt. Yatsugatake. Nothing interrupts your sight to see Mt. Fuji in the south, the Minami Alps mountain range in the west, Oku Chichibu in the east and Yatsugatake in the north. There are cows and cattle grazing in the pasture in summer, whose appearance makes you feel relaxed. You can also observe seasonal plants. Why don't you enjoy to the full the nature of Mt. Yatsugatake with a local guide?


Yatsugatake Stock Farm (Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

This farm aims to grow and secure cattle in Yamanashi prefecture for the stable development of local stock farming. It also strives to offer a relaxing field for the citizens through communication with animals to promote the public understanding towards stock farming.


Makiba Park (Oizumi town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

Yamanashi Prefectural Makiba Park is located at the southern base of Mt. Yatsugatake, being a part of Prefectural Yatsugatake Stock Farm. You can enjoy watching the magnificent panoramic view of the mountains around and petting animals in the vast green of the farm. At the attached restaurant you can enjoy a generous hamburger, or meats from local brand beef and pork.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Moegi no Mura or Sun Meadows Kiyosato
Duration 1 April ~31 October
Excluded dates Wednesdays and Thursdays in May, June, September, & October
Timing Day 1 9:50〜12:30 Day 2 9:20〜12:00
Group size 1~10 people (1〜7 people for SEGWAY riding)
Minimum no. of participants Minimum number of participants is 2
Price SEGWAY Option: From 8,000 yen (Over 16s only)
Kayak Option: From 8,000 yen per adult, 4,000 yen per child
Contact for reservation Inquires to Yatsugatake Tourism Management
Tel: 0551-48-3457
Email: info@yatsugatake-tm.com
Application deadline 4 days before departure
Cancellation terms 10 Days Before: 20% of tour fee, 4 Days Before: 30% of tour fee, a Day Before: 40% of tour fee, On the day: 50% of tour fee, No show: 100% of tour fee
Special gift  
Fees included in price Guide, workshops
Age Elementary School age and over (Over 16 for SEGWAY option)
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
Other Route may change depending on the road conditions
<Day 1>
①Moegi no Mura 10:50---11:00 SEGWAY Tour 12:30---12:30 Breakup at Moegi no Mura car park, free time (A stroll around Moegi no Mura, Kiyosato area)
②Sun Meadows Kiyosato 09:50---10:00 Mountain Kayak 12:00---12:00 Breakup at Sun Meadows Kiyosato Car Park, Free time (Stroll around Moegi no Mura / Kiyosato Area)
<Day 2>
Yamanashi Prefectural Makiba Park Car Park 09:20---09:30 Nature Guide Walk (Stroll around Yamanashi Prefectural Yatsugatake Stock Farm) 12:00---12:00 Breakup at Yamanashi Prefectural Makiba Park Car Park
Temperatures are often cool throughout the year, so please come prepared with a fleece or sweater against the cold, as well as rain wear. A hat with a peak, gloves, and sturdy shoes are also recommended.
Available for rent at an additional fee: rain wear, trekking shoes, trekking poles, day pack. If you intend to bring a pet (i.e dog) please contact us in advance. Dogs will need to be kept on a lead, and care should be taken to ensure they do not cause a nuisance to other guests or wild animals. The tours will often go ahead if it is raining, but may be called off if the weather gets too bad.