Enjoy the Autumn/Winter Sky Resort

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Enjoy the Autumn/Winter Sky Resort

Enjoy the beauty of Yatsugatake Plateau in autumn and winter. Day 1 includes the star observation at the plateau which is known for its clear weather. On Day 2 you can select from snowshoe hiking to walk on the snow or bonfire cafe which lets you enjoy coffee or alcohol around a bonfire.

Star Round Yatsugatake(At the base of Yatsugatake)

"Star Round Yatsugatake" is a night sky observation show with a navigator guiding you through the starlit views of Yatsugatake. Yatsugatake has a high rate of clear skies, and from fall through winter the clean air gives you great views of the star-filled sky. The view of the skies above with the silhouette of the mountains in the background is a beautiful view particular to this area.

Sun Meadows Kiyosato Skiing Resort (Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

Sun Meadows Kiyosato Skiing Ground & Highland Park lets you experience a real mountain resort. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sleighing in winter.


Sun Meadows Kiyosato / Kiyosato Terrace (Takane town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture)

Sun Meadows Kiyosato Skiing Ground & Highland Park lets you experience a real mountain resort. While the field is green, you can go up as high as 1,900m above sea level with a lift and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of mountains including Mt. Fuji below you.


Yatsugatake Shizen Bunkaen (Hara village, Suwa county, Nagano prefecture)

The central Yatsugatake plateau in Shinshu Hara Village is home to a leisure facility dedicated to bringing people in contact with the nature of Yatsugatake. There is a planetarium and nature observation facility, many types of plants such as highland grass, and the chance to fully enjoy and experience the beautiful nature of Yatsugatake.


Snow Shoe Hiking

Snow shoes allow you to discover the deep forests where you can otherwise not go. Enjoy the harmonous winter moment in the nature. You will also experience pitching a shelter in the snow for a warm lunch.


Red leaves with the Blue Sky

Yatsugatake area lets you enjoy red leaves for a long period since the highest point and the lowest point of the area have 1,000m difference in the altitude and the best season shifts according to the height. You can enjoy the unique contrasting combination of the clear blue sky "Yatsugatake Blue", the red leaves and the mountains behind them.


Bonfire Café

After an easy trek, we will guide you to a special spot where you can enjoy quiet time around a bonfire. You can enjoy watching the flame of the fire over the coffee, tea or herb tea, as well as toasting marshmallows and hot sandwitches. The sound from the river stream nearby adds a comforting back ground music.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Sun Meadows Kiyosato OR Yatsugatake Shizen Bunkaen
Duration 1 October ~31 March (Star Ocean Yatsugatake starts from December)
Excluded dates 29 December ~4 January
Timing Day 1 18:00〜19:30 Day 2 10:00〜14:00
Group size 2~10 people
Minimum no. of participants Please inquire
Price From 6,800 yen per adult, from 3,400 yen per child
Contact for reservation Inquires to Yatsugatake Tourism Management
Tel: 0551-48-3457
Email: info@yatsugatake-tm.com
Application deadline 4 days before departure
Cancellation terms 10 Days Before: 20% of tour fee, 4 Days Before: 30% of tour fee, a Day Before: 40% of tour fee, On the day: 50% of tour fee, No show: 100% of tour fee
Special gift  Star Ocean participants will receive a Constellation Viewing Chart
Fees included in price Guides, lunch (for snowshoe hiking) or a light meal (for bonfire cafe) , workshops
Age Elementary school child and above
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
Other Route may change depending on the road conditions
<Day 1>
Sun Meadows Kiyosato OR Yatsugatake Shizen Bunkaen 17:50---18:00 Star Ocean Yatsugatake (Watching a movie and observing stars) 19:30---19:30 Breakup
<Day 2>
①Yatsugatake area 09:50---10:00 Snowshoe Hiking(Lunch in between) 14:00---14:00 Breakup
②Moegi no Mura 09:50---10:00 Stroll and a bonfire cafe (including a light meal) 13:00---13:00 Breakup
Temperatures during the tour period are very cold. Please wear mountain climbing/ski/snowboarding wear. A fleece inner or sweater, a fleece or woollen cap, insulated gloves, sunglasses, gaiters, and thick socks are also necessary. Waterproof and/or warm shoes too. Available for rent at an additional fee: rain wear, trekking shoes, trekking poles, day pack. If you intend to bring a pet (i.e dog) please contact us in advance. Dogs will need to be kept on a lead, and care should be taken to ensure they do not cause a nuisance to other guests or wild animals. The tours will often go ahead if it is raining, but may be called off if the weather gets too bad.