A countryside highland experience with views of Mt. Fuji – really close to Tokyo!

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A countryside highland experience with views of Mt. Fuji – really close to Tokyo!

This is a 3 day/2 night plan designed for international visitors to experience a Japanese highland resort “Kiyosato”, as well as traditional countryside culture at a old farmhouse. Getting there involves enjoying the variety of the Japanese rail system, using the Nagano Bullet Train, and the Koumi Line which has the highest point of any railraod in Japan. The return journey uses the JR Chuo Line.

Accommodation(Certified under the Sakura Quality system)

The small scale accommodations certified under Yatsugatake's Sakura Quality system offer safe and secure stays, including pick-ups from Kiyosato Station, and a high level of personal service. Meals are lovingly prepared by owners and chefs, and use local ingredients to produce delicious dishes. Each accommodation has its own particular style, and a loyal following of repeat visitors.

Seisen Ryo

Seisen Ryo is a tourist facility surrounded by the forests and meadows of Kiyosato Plateau. It houses a relaxing accomodation for an overnight stay and a restaurant that serves handmade food using local ingredients, Yamane Museum, Yamanashi Prefectural Nature Center, offering a nature path, various workshop programs for everyone and Seisen Ryo Soft Ice Cream, a speciality of Kiyosato.


Sun Meadows Kiyosato (Kiyosato Terrace/Ski Area)

Sun Meadows Ski Area and Highland Park is the perfect place to enjoy a complete mountain resort experience. In green season you can ride the lift up to 1,900m to the Kiyosato Terrace and Lookout and enjoy the panoramic views of surrounding mountains including Mt. Fuji. In winter have fun skiing, snowboarding, or sledging.


Makiba Park

Yamanashi Prefectural Makiba Park is located at the southern base of Mt. Yatsugatake, being a part of Prefectural Yatsugatake Stock Farm. You can enjoy watching the magnificent panoramic view of the mountains around including Mt. Fuji and petting animals in the vast green of the farm.Enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains including Mt. Fuji. Free entrance.

Makiba Restaurant

Enjoy the amazing panoramic views of Mt. Fuji and other mountains from the comfort of the restaurant in Makiba Park (with seating on the terrace). The dishes use local ingredients, and Yamanashi brand meats are popular items on the menu. Outside, the Makiba Cafe serves the well-known soft serve ice cream as well as a takeout menu.


Moegi no Mura Music Box Museum

Enjoy the music boxes collected from all over the world at a music box museum in Moegi no Mura "Hall of Halls". At the workshop, as a memory at Kiyosato you can make your own music box with the music and case of your preference.


Kominka Nakaya

This accommodation is a renovated traditional old house from the late Edo period. It offers meals around the hearth, agricultural experiences such as rice planting and harvesting as well as cultural programs including bamboo crafts and wood cutting.
Plan Detail
Meeting place Kiyosato station
Duration 1 April 2019 ~ 31 March 2020 (Throughout the year)
Excluded dates None (Please inquire in advance)
Timing Day 1 Make your way to Kiyosato Station  
Day 2 09:00 ~14:00
Day 3 09:00 ~13:00
Group size 2〜10 people
Minimum no. of participants Please inquire
Price Please inquire
Contact for reservation Inquires to Yatsugatake Tourism Management
Tel: 0551-48-3457
Email: info@yatsugatake-tm.com
Application deadline 4 days before departure
Cancellation terms 10 Days Before: 20% of tour fee, 4 Days Before: 30% of tour fee, a Day Before: 40% of tour fee, On the day: 50% of tour fee, No show: 100% of tour fee
Special gift  
Fees included in price Cost of all experiences during the tour
Age Elementary School age and older (Please contact us in advance)
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
Other Route may change depending on the road conditions
<Day 1>(Guests need to come by themselves)
Ueno---Nagano Shinkansen---Sakudaira---JR Koumi Line---Kiyosato station---Hotel(Certified under the Sakura Quality system)
<Day 2>
Seisen Ryo 09:00---10:00 Sun Meadows Kiyosato11:00---11:10 Makiba Park (Lunch)---12:30 Moegi no Mura (Music Box Making) 13:30---14:00 Kominka Nakaya (Overnight stay)
<Day 3>
Nakaya 09:00---09:00 Yushisha 11:00---12:00 Lunch 13:00---13:00 Nirasaki station
This is a suggested tour for overseas visitors recommended by the Yatsugatake Tourism Zone. For those involved in tourism, please feel free to use the Yatsugatake Tourism Zone for activities. We can also help answer any questions that you may have about local tourism spots or facilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us.