Fly above Lake Hamanako!

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Fly above Lake Hamanako!

Going up to as high as 50-100m to fly above Lake Hamanako for about 10 minutes. You can try parasailing in your daily clothes. A pair flight with your family, friend or lover is also possible.

Lake Hamanako

10-minute flight on Lake Hamanako. Please enjoy the majestic lake from above by parasailing


Plan Detail
Meeting place Lake Hamanako Marina Sightseeing Boat Harbour
Duration 1 May 2017~26 November 2017
Excluded dates Please check the calendar on the website
Timing ①9:30~ ②11:00~ ③13:00~ ④15:00~ 1 hour each
Group size 4 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 6,600 yen per person (the same price for both an adult and a child). If the sum of the weight of two participants exceeds 150kg, each of them will have a solo flight with an extra charge
Contact for reservation Hamamatsu&LakenHamanako Small Trip Guide
Application deadline 5 days in advance of the departure date
Cancellation terms In accord with Terms and Conditions (20% fee is charged for a cancellation received by 10 days before departure, 30% by 4 days, 40% by the day before, 50% by departure time, 100% if not showing up without contact)
Special gift  
Fees included in price All the expenses related to the flight, tax
Age Children under 3 years old, pregnant women, people with disabilities cannnot participate in this plan.
Weather Cancelled in case of a strong wind or rain. The duration could be longer or shorter depending on the weather.
Other Change in the reservation time may not always be possible during high season.
Lake Hamana Pleasure Boat Boarding Point(Meet 10 meets before tour time)---Set out by boat---Sightseeing in the sky above Lake Hamana!!(Parasailing/Flight time is about 10 minutes)---Arrive back to Lake Hamana Pleasure Boat Boarding Point (Time required for tour is about 60 minutes)
Please have a motion sickness pill in advance if there is a possibility of seasick. Please be prepared for the weather (heat or cold). Please briing extra clothes just in case. Please do not wear a skirt.