Discover Island × Art at Shodoshima Island

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Discover Island × Art at Shodoshima Island

Let’s enjoy cinema art visiting the filming locations of various cinemas and TV dramas and recalling their stories. You will also visit a soy sauce factory which has been run for 150 years and learn the traditional life inherited in this area by seeing handmade ingredients and the traditional method of soy sauce making.

Tonosho Town, Angel Road

A sand road appears from the middle of the sea at the two-time low tide of the day. It is said that if you walk on the road hand in hand with your loved one, an angel comes down in the middle of it to fulfill your wish.

Shodoshima Town, Shodoshima Olive Park

Shodoshima Island is the first place in Japan that started planting olive trees. Located on a hill, the park has about 2,000 olive trees as well as a Greek-style architecture and various workshop facilities that enable you to learn the history and charm of olive. Enjoy the relaxing stroll watching a view of calm Seto Inland Sea, which resembles the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea.

Shodoshima Town, Nijuuyon no Hitomi Eiga Mura (Cinema Park)

This park preserves the location set of an immortal masterpiece cinema "Nijuuyon no Hitomi", reproducing the street and wooden school building from the beginning of Showa period which was the early-middle of the 1900s. It also houses a museum dedicated to Sakae Tsuboi, the original author of the story who was born and grew up in Shodoshima, as well as a facility that introduces the golden time of Japanese cinema and offers a good old school lunch.


Plan Detail
Meeting place  Takamatsu Port
Duration 【Model Course】
Excluded dates 【Model Course】
Timing About 9 hours
Group size 1~4 people
Minimum no. of participants 1 person
Price 6,230 yen
Contact for reservation 【Model Course】
Application deadline 【Model Course】
Cancellation terms 【Model Course】
Special gift 【Model Course】
Fees included in price Ferry ticket fromTakamatsu Port to Tonosho Port, lunch, entrance ticket for Eiga Mura, Rent-a-car
Age 【Model Course】
Weather 【Model Course】
Other 【Model Course】
JR Takamatsu station----『Liminal Air -core-』 ----Takamatsu Port~Tonosho Port---『Taiyo no Okurimono』----Angel Road----Meiro no Machi----Nakayama Terraced Paddies, Komame Shokudo (Rice ball set for lunch)・Folk Kabuki performing art----Olive Park『Isamu Noguchi Gallery』・Stroll around Olive Park----near Sakaide Port 『Regent of Olive』『ANGER from the Bottom』----Nijuuyon no Hitomi Eiga Mura----Sho no Sato
Calculation of the price is based on a 24-hour S-class rent-a-car for 2 people (the cost for petrol excluded)