Discover Traditional Skill × Art in Takamatsu

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Discover Traditional Skill × Art in Takamatsu

Craftsmen in this area were called “Sanuki” during Edo period, when their high skill was nurtured. At Kuribayashi Park, you can enjoy the beauty of the garden created by the feudal lord of the Takamatsu Domain at that time, as well as the local food of Sanuki in a tea room. The sugar-sweet (Wasambon) making workshop with a mould lets you experience the traditional sweet-cooking while listening to the talk of the craftsman who conveys the traditional skill of Sanuki to day.

Takamatsu city, Historic Ruin of Takamatsu Castle, Tamamo Park

Takamatsu Castle is one of the three water castles of Japan, leading sea water from the Seto Inland Sea directly into the moat. The tsukimi yagura watch tower "Hiunkaku", which is appointed as an Important Cultural Property by the government of Japan, remains in the park along with the special beautiful spot Hiunkaku Garden. Let's ride on a traditional boat and cruise the moat, enjoying the powerful architecture of the Tenshukaku castle tower and watching red sea breams in the water.


Takamatsu city, Wasanbon Making Workshop


Takamatsu city, Mt. Yashima Peak

Yashima is known as an old battle field from the 9 century. The unique figure consisting of a lava plateau is a landscape that represents Kagawa prefecture. A stunning view spot from any angle. In whichever direction you look from the top of the mountain you have fabulous views from this outstanding lookout point.
Plan Detail
Meeting place JR Takamatsu station
Duration 【Model Course】
Excluded dates 【Model Course】
Timing About 8 hours
Group size 2 pax~4 pax
Minimum no. of participants 2 pax
Price 5,750 yen
Contact for reservation 【Model Course】
Application deadline 【Model Course】
Cancellation terms 【Model Course】
Special gift 【Model Course】
Fees included in price transportation, lunch, entrance fee, workshops
Age 【Model Course】
Weather 【Model Course】
Other 【Model Course】
JR Takamatsu station----Takamo Park & the ruins of Takamatsu Castle (one of the three water castles of Japan)----Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko station=(Railway)=Kotoden Kuribayashi Koen station---- Special Beautiful Spot Kuribayashi Koen (Park) (Stroll the garden for the national treasure there, lunch) -(taxi)-Toka (Workshop for traditional sugar-sweet making using a mould)-(taxi)-Kotoden Yashima station-(Shuttle bus)-Mt. Yashima Peak(Watch the sunset from the observatory of Yamashima Temple)-(Shuttle bus)-Kotoden Yashimastation=(Railway)=Kotoden Kawaramachi station=(Railway)=Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko station
The cost is calculated based on a taxi with 2 passengers. The Kiraku Tenshin meal is served for lunch for 2,200 yen within Ritsurin Gardens, either at Kikugetsu-tei Teahouse (on weekdays) or Higurashi-tei (on weekends).