Discover Faith × Art in Kotohira

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Discover Faith × Art in Kotohira

After completing the 785 steps to the main shrine of Kompira Shrine, the paintings by a renowned artist from Edo period Maruyama Okyo on the sliding doors of Omote Shoin awaits you. The visit to the traditional beauties continued to Takahashi Yuichi Art Museum, who laid the foundation of Japanese modern oil painting as well as to the Kyu Kompira Oshibai Grand Theater (Kanamaru Za) . Let’s also try to make udon noodles by yourself with the instruction from the professional.

Kotohira town, Kotohiragu Shrine

Called "Kompira-san" by the locals, this shrine is to protect the guardian gods of the sea. Souvenir shops and restaurants stand in a row on the atmospheric temple street which is always full of visitors. There are many old spots and cultural properties remaining around the shrine and you can enjoy tracing the history of the town through them.


Kannonji city, Zenigata Sunae (sand art) (Kotohiki Park)

"Kan'ei Tsuuhou", a monetary coin from Edo period, is drawn on the sand of Ariake Beach. It is as gigantic as 122m from west to east, 90m from north to south and 345m in circumference. It is prohibited to enter in the sand art and is best seen from the Peak Observatory inside Kotohiki Park.


Zentsuji city, The Head Temple of Zentsuji Temple

The vast precinct of this temple is divided into the East Block, where Golden Room and the Five-Storied Pagoda are located, and West Block where Mieido (the house of Kobo Daishi) is. There is a part utilized as an inn as well. Please experience Kaidan Meguri where you walk for 100m in the complete darkness. "Kukai (another name for Kobo Daishi) Festival" is held on the 3rd of November every year.


Plan Detail
Meeting place JR Kotohira Station
Duration 【Model Course】
Excluded dates 【Model Course】
Timing About 7 hours
Group size 2 pax~4 pax
Minimum no. of participants 2 pax
Price 8,920 yen
Contact for reservation 【Model Course】
Application deadline 【Model Course】
Cancellation terms 【Model Course】
Special gift 【Model Course】
Fees included in price Taxi, entrace fees, udon noodle making workshop
Age 【Model Course】
Weather 【Model Course】
Other 【Model Course】
JR Kotohira Station----Visit Kotohiragu Shrine ・Watch the Sanuki Plain and the Mt.Sanuki Fuji from Omote Shoin and the main shrine ・the Kyu Kotohira Oshibai Grand Theater (Kanamaru Za)----Nakano Udon School(Udon-making workshop, lunch)-(taxi)-Kotohiki Park, Zenigata Sunae(Watch the Seto Inland Sea from the observatory)-(taxi)-The Head Temple of Zentsuji Temple (Visit the birthplace of Kobo Daishi, one of the most important monks in the Buddhist history of Japan)-(taxi)-JR Kotohira Station
The cost is based on the taxi fare between Kotohira - Kannnonji - Zentsuji for two people (Inside Kotohiki Park and Zentsuji Temple is on foot)