A Thousand Years,a hidden hamlet : Iya & Oboke Shangri-la Tour

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A Thousand Years,a hidden hamlet : Iya & Oboke Shangri-la Tour

Sustaining natural life for over a thousand years in the steep mountains, Iya and Oboke villages let you discover the key to what value and life style are. The encounter with the villagers will make you understand the reason why the place has been able to be a paradise on earth.

Miyoshi city: Ochiai village Community in Higashi Iya Mountain

Designated as an Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings by the Japanese government, Ochiai village is a typical community developed on a steep slope of a mountain. It is also known to have a sustainable community system, with paths that go through under eaves of the houses and a shrine that is the center of the community.

Miyoshi city: Vine Bridge of Nishi Iya

This vine bridge is said to have been built by ancient Samurai warriors, so that they could cut it down if they needed to escape. This is a symbol of Iya region and a gateway to the villages which sustain the life deep in the mountains. As you walk on the bridge it thrillingly sways and lets you enjoy the view of the clear Iya River.
Plan Detail
Meeting place JR Oboke station or hotels at Oboke Iya Hot-spring town
Duration 1 October 2019 ~ 31 March 2020
Excluded dates 29 December 2019 ~ 4 January 2020
Timing 9:00~13:00 (4hours) Please come to the meeting place by 8:50
Group size 2~8 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 8,500 yen per adult (Child 7,500 yen)
Contact for reservation Sora no Sato 0883-87-8988
Application deadline 4 days in advance of the departure date
Cancellation terms 0% up to 8 days before departure, 30% up to 7-2 days before departure, 40% 1 day before departure, 50% on the day, 100% no contact / no show
Special gift  
Fees included in price Chartered taxi, stay at traditional housings, tax
Bookings for the next two years Accept
Age No special setting for child. Free of charge for under 2 if not using a seat.
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
Other Route may change depending on the road conditions
Oboke・Iya 9:00---10:00 Ochiai Village Observatory 10:30---11:00 Oku Iya Futae Kazura Bridge 12:00----13:00 Oboke・Iya
※December ~March Modify‘ Futae Kazura Bridge’→‘ Iya Valley ・Peeing Boy Statue’
Taxi drivers will guide the tour. Entrance fee to Oku Iya Vine Bridge is not included.