A Thousand Years,a hidden hamlet : Hidden Village of Ancient Heike Warriors Tour

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A Thousand Years,a hidden hamlet : Hidden Village of Ancient Heike Warriors Tour

This tour visits Ochiai Village community that has sustained a natural life for over a thousand yearson the steep slopes of the mountains as well as Asa House, a residence of Heike warriors at its highest rank to explore the world of ancient legend: fleeing of Heike family.

Miyoshi city: Ochiai village Community in Higashi Iya Mountain

Designated as an Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings by the Japanese government, Ochiai village is a typical community developed on a steep slope of a mountain. It is also known to have a sustainable community system, with paths that go through under eaves of the houses and a shrine that is the center of the community.


Miyoshi city: Asa House of ancient Heike warriors in Higashi Iya Mountain

Visiting Asa House, a residence where ancient Heike warriors who fled from the battle field hid. A grand architecture deep in the mountain of Iya tells of the rise and fall of Heike family.


Plan Detail
Meeting place JR Oboke station or hotels at Oboke Iya Hot-spring town
Duration 1 October 2018~31 March 2019
Excluded dates 29 December 2018~4 January 2019
Timing 9:00~13:00 (4hours) Please come to the meeting place by 8:50
Group size 2~8 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 8,300 yen per adult (7,300 yen per child)
Contact for reservation Sora-no-Sato 0883-76-0713
Application deadline 4 days in advance of the departure date
Cancellation terms In accord with Terms and Conditions (20% fee is charged for a cancellation received by 10 days before departure, 30% by 4 days, 40% by the day before, 50% by departure time, 100% if not showing up without contact)
Special gift  
Fees included in price Chartered taxi, tax
Age Children between 3~12 years old. Free of charge for under 2 if not using a seat.
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
Other Route may change depending on the road conditions
Oboke station 9:00---10:00 Ochiai Village community observatory10:30---11:00 Asa House of ancient Heike warriors12:00----13:00 Oboke station
Taxi drivers will guide the tour. Entrance fee to Oku Iya Vine Bridge is not included.