A Romantic Walk Around a Small Castle Town by the Sea and Port Town

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A Romantic Walk Around a Small Castle Town by the Sea and Port Town

How about a cruise on a fishing boat? Hiji is a castle town where the Kinoshita Family ruled for 270 years until the end of the Edo period, leaving its atmosphere till today. Many cultural propeties remain here from different periods, letting you experience its history.
You can enjoy the view of the castle town and the port town from the ocean, traveling the sea route used by the feudal lord when he journeyed to Edo (current Tokyo). For lunch, we serve a meal prepared with local ingredients at a gorgeous 100 year old mansion at Kinsanno.

Fukae Port

Let's get on a fishing boat and enjoy a view of Hiji Castle Town from the ocean.

Tekizan So

A modern Japanese-style mansion built in 1916. Lunch is prepared with local ingredients.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Ninomaru Yakata (2612 Hiji town, in front of Hiji Elementary School)
Duration 1 April 2018~31 March 2019
Excluded dates  
Timing 10:30 ~16:30
Group size 2~8 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 11,500 yen per person for 2 pax, 9,500 yen per person for 3 pax, 9,000 yen per person for 4 or more pax (Includes lunch)
Contact for reservation Toyonokuni Millennium Heritage Tourism Zone
Application deadline 2 working days in advance
Cancellation terms 40% of the selling price is charged for the cancellation until the day before, 50% until the departure time, 100% for not showing up without contact
Special gift  
Fees included in price A fishing boat cruise, lunch
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
【Gather directly】10:30 Ninomaru Yakata→Fukae Port→Kinko Tei (A teahouse to wait for the wind)→Stroll the backstreets of the port town→Fukae Port(A fishing boat cruise for a view of a castle town from the ocean)→Hiji Port→Tekizan So (Lunch)→Stroll around Hiji Port Town (see Kote trowel art)→Ninomaru Yakata