Fisherman’s Town of Ojika, Saruku


Fisherman’s Town of Ojika, Saruku

Ojika Island is located in the northernmost of the Goto Islands in the East China Sea, west of Japan. Ojika was once an important transportation hub and developed itself sometimes as an international trading port, other times as a whaling point. It is composed of volcanos; they create a unique beauty in landscape, and the entire island is designated as part of the Saikai National Park. At “Fisherman’s Town of Ojika, Saruku”, we will introduce you to the old townscape and history of the town while walking the small alleys of an arcade.

Fisherman's Town of Ojika, Saruku

Please enjoy the history and the townscape of Ojika, which is appointed as a cultural landscape. Professional guides and instructers will ensure you enjoy to your island trip.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Ojika Island Tourism
Duration Reservation only
Excluded dates Days when the Museum of Folk History is closed Museum of Folk History (Every Monday (the following day in case of a public holiday), the 15th every month)
Timing About 2 hours
Group size 2~7 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 2,160 yen per person
Contact for reservation Ojika Island Tourism  0959-56-2646
Application deadline 7 days in advance
Cancellation terms 【Between 1~9 people】
3 days in advance from the previous day-30%,on the previous day-50%, on the day-100%
【More than 10 people】
31-90 days in advance from the previous day -10%,15-30 days in advance from the previous day-20%,4-14 days in advance from the previous day-50%,,1-3 days in advance from the previous day-70%, on the day-100%
Special gift  
Fees included in price insurance, entrance tickets
Age Elementary school age and above
Weather May be cancelled if there are advisories of impending bad weather
Ojika Port Terminal → In front of Konishi Ryokan Inn → Back streets → Hasa Jizo guardian deity → Maruni Suisan Fishery Company(a view of a cliff) →  Amachu Touten (a resting facility) → Fuefuki Hondori Street → Back streets → Hoshu Memorial Monument → the Museum of Folk History  
Please wear shoes appropriate for walking