~Port Town of the Navy~ SASEBO Military Port Cruise

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~Port Town of the Navy~ SASEBO Military Port Cruise

“Port Town Sasebo” has been a military port since the latter half of the 19th century, conveying an old atmosphere till today.The town is currently home to the Japan Maritime Defence Force, Japan Coast Guard, and the American Navy. Sasebo Port has been the hub for the connection between Sasebo Heavy Industry Co. (also known as SSK) which originated from the old naval dockyard, and the Islands of Goto, Saikai and Hirado. At its heart Sasebo was and still is a small fishing port that brings together a variety of histories and stories. Please enjoy the guided “SASEBO Military Port Cruise”.

SASEBO Military Port Cruise

This guided cruise will tour around the military ships in Sasebo Port such as the guard ship of Japan Self-Defence Force moored at Kurashima Quay and a gigantic military ship of the American Navy Base.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Sasebo Port Shin Minato Terminal Mae Sambashi (Pier) (5-minute walk from JR Sasebo Station)
※Buying or exchanging tickets is done at the Sasebo Tourist Information Center
Duration Saturday, Sunday, public holidays only (regular operation)
Excluded dates 25 December~28 February
Timing Leave around 11:30 (1 hour)
Group size 2 - 64 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 2,000 yen per adult (above junior high school student)
1,000 yen per child (elementary school child)
Contact for reservation Sasebo Tourism Information Center 0956-22-6630
Application deadline 7 days prior
Cancellation terms 50% fee is charged for a cancellation received by 13 days before departure, 75% by 7 days, 100% on the day
Special gift  
Fees included in price Cruise fee, guide
Age No limit
Weather If a rough weather is forecasted in advance, the decision for cancellation is made by noon of the previous day.
①Above 10m in wind spped ②Above 1m in wave height ③Below 500m in visibility
Other ・All the seats in the ferry are nonreserved.
・Photographing the American military ships and facilities is prohibited.
・The tourist guide will conduct the tour in Japanese only.
Sasebo Port → American Navy Ship → Maritime Defence Force Ship → Sasebo Heavy Industries Dock Crane → American Navy Oil Storage Facility → Maritime Defence Force Training Unit → American Navy Ammunition Depot → Maritime Defence Force Kurashima Quay → Japan Coast Guard → Sasebo Port
 Charted ships are also available. Please inquire for details.