Horse Trekking through the Thousand Year Plains

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Horse Trekking through the Thousand Year Plains

Aso boasts one of the best calderas in the world, and the panoramic views are exceptional. Sat astride your strong, trusty horse, surrounded by grasslands as far as the eye can see, you will forget your daily cares and become absorbed in the moment. There are a variety of courses available depending on your experience and time available.

El Patio Farm (Aso city)

Go slowly on a horse in the field. A higher view may let you have a new discovery.


Plan Detail
Meeting place El Patio Ranch
Along the Yamanami Highway, 2305-1 Ichinomiya-machi Sanno, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Duration Throughout the year
Excluded dates Unavailable during bad weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms, or strong winds.
Timing 20 - 75 minutes
Group size 1 person
Minimum no. of participants 1 person
Price From 4,000 - 19,000 yen per person.
You can choose from a selection of courses.
Contact for reservation El Patio Farm, Island Resort Aso Co. Ltd., Along Yamanami Highway, 2305-1 Mino Ichinomiya-cho, Aso-shi, Kumamoto-ken 869-2602
TEL. 0967-22-3861 FAX. 0967-22-3171
Application deadline  
Cancellation terms Cancellations on the day without prior contact are subject to a 100% charge
Special gift  
Fees included in price  
Age Men: Above 120cm in height and below 80kg in weight
Women: Above 120cm in height and below 70kg in weight
Weather With the exception of really bad weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds, it is still possible to enjoy horse riding in the rain, and we have rain wear available free of charge for such days.
Other If you go riding a member of staff will accompany.
 Please wear clothes suitable for moving around, such as jeans and trainers.
Please refrain from clothing unsuitable for horse riding, such as skirts, sandals, or high heels.
※ We have jeans and boots availble for rent for an additional fee.