Minami-Aso Outer Rim Trekking

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Minami-Aso Outer Rim Trekking

Aso is known for the gigantic caldera. At the southern part of it there is a native forest consisting of beech trees and deciduous oaks in Outer Rim.
Starting with the stunning views at Jizo Pass, let’s enjoy the wind on the plateau and head to Mt. Oyanodake (1236m), which is the highest among the southern Outer Rim range. Enjoying the view of the Kyushu Sekiryo Range to the south, let’s head into the beech forest and relax in the cool breeze in the shadow of the trees. This traverse course is good for beginner climbers among Kyushu Shizen Hodo (Nature Walk Courses).

Five Mountains of Aso (Minami-Aso side)

Five Mountains of Aso from the side of Minami-Aso shows you yet another attraction from those seen from the other sides.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Green Pia Minami-Aso (4411-9 Hisaishi, Minami-Aso mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto-ken)
Duration April ~ November
Excluded dates Some dates may be unavailable due to other events.
Timing 4~5 hours
Group size  
Minimum no. of participants 3 people
Price 4,500 yen per adult 3,000 yen per child (below junior high school age student)
Contact for reservation ECO Kyushu Tourist LLC
Application deadline 3 days in advance (10 days for a tour with more than 8 people)
Cancellation terms Charges may apply for cancellations or changes at the customer's request.
Special gift  
Fees included in price  
Age 4th grade of elementary school and above
Weather Cancellation may occur depending on the weather (if rough) and the road condition. The route may change during the tour as well depending on the weather condition.
Other Please ensure that you are fit enough to participate. Please refrain from participation if you are undergoing medical treatment.
Meeing point: Greenpia Minami Aso
Start hiking from Jizo Pass → Oyanodake(Altitude:1236m)→ Komagaeshi Pass → Descent
※Please prepare appropriate shoes for climbing (including trekking shoes), a rucksack, lunch, water bottle, rain wear, a hat, towels and extra clothes.
※Please do not wear jeans and short pants. Please wear a long-sleeved shirt.