Team Building Rafting

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Team Building Rafting

This is not just rafting for pleasure, but team building training that includes learning before and after the trip, as well as when coming down the river.
It cultivates team work as well as developing moral sense, cooperation, and a spirit of helping each outher.

Shiribetsu River

It incorporates field menus and other things that can't be done in a normal rafting tour. There are plenty of educational elements - not just leaderships and teamwork but also character building.


Plan Detail
Meeting place k.k. NOASC
Duration 1 August 2018~31 October 2018
Excluded dates  
Timing ①9:00~12:00 ②13:30~16:30
Group size 100 pax
Minimum no. of participants 6 pax
Price 7,500 yen per person (tax included)

Contact for reservation k.k. NOASC
Application deadline 1 month prior to tour
Cancellation terms 20 days prior:20% of tour fee, 7 days prior:30% of tour fee, Day before tour:40% of tour fee、On the day:50% of tour fee
Special gift  
Fees included in price Taxes
Age Middle school students and older
Weather In case of a bad weather, the decision will be made after discussing with the participants.
NOASC Base (9:00) --- (9:15) Rafting the Shiribetsu River (11:45) --- (12:00) NOASC Base
Waterproofs, hat, gloves, and gum boots or waterproof shoes. Clothes that are suitable for the cold.