~Feel the prosperity of Niigata’s Minato-machi from 200 years ago~ Admire a geisha’s dance at the mansion of a wealthy trader

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~Feel the prosperity of Niigata’s Minato-machi from 200 years ago~
Admire a geisha’s dance at the mansion of a wealthy trader

Niigata’s Furumachi used to stand alongside Kyoto’s Gion and Tokyo’s Shinbashi when it came to geisha districts. During the Edo Period about 200 years ago, merchant ships sailed the Sea of Japan coast bringing prosperity to Edo, Osaka, and Kyoto, as well as Niigata. Geisha districts came as a result, and it was the geisha of Niigata’s Furumachi who entertained visitors there with their delicate arts. Feel the 200 years of proud traditon as you enjoy the Dance of Niigata’s Furumachi Geisha at the mansion of a rich merchant in the centre of the city which is a listed heritage site. You’ll also get to take photographs with the geisha as well as experience the games they use to entertain. Admire the dance of Niigata’s Furumachi geisha and experience Niigata’s culture of hospitality.

The Niigata Saitou Villa

Enjoy the traditional skills of the Furumachi Geisha that go back 200 years.


The Niigata Saitou Villa

After the geisha performance, experience the traditional entertainments they practised.


Plan Detail
Meeting place ①The Niigata Saitou Villa or ②Enkikan
Duration 1 April 2018~31 March 2019
Excluded dates Sundays, Holidays, Mondays (if Monday is a holiday the following day will also be closed, 3-5 May, 13-16 August, 28 December-4 January
※As well as the above closed days there may also be days where the geisha or the venue may be unavailable for bookings. so please enquire/book in advance.
Timing Approx. 50 mins ※Start times available between 12:00-16:00
Group size ①Up to 30 pax ②Up to 50 pax
Minimum no. of participants ①② 20 pax  
※Bookings are possible for a group of fewer than 20 pax. In that case it will be a fixed price of ①60,000 yen・②50,000 yen
Price ①3,000 yen per person (tax included)  ②2,500 yen per person (tax included)

Contact for reservation Niigata Visitors & Convention Bureau  FAO:Suzuki or Sato
6-894-1 Nishibori Maedori, Chuo-ku, Niigata-City, 951-8062
TEL 025-223-8181 FAX 025-223-9100 http://www.nvcb.or.jp/  E-mail nvcb@nvcb.or.jp
Application deadline 10 days prior
Cancellation terms Cancellation on the day (including reduction in numbers) incurs a 50% cancellation fee (Doesn't apply to group of fewer than 20)
Special gift If staying within Niigata City there is a 1,000 yen per person discount available. Price after discount ①2,000 yen・②1,500 yen per person (tax included). For a group fewer than 20, ①40,000 yen・②30,000 yen.
Fees included in price Venue entrance fee, Geisha performance, Green tea & Japanese sweet
(e.g 14:00 Start time)
   14:00 Explanation of Niigata's Minato-machi and Furumachi geisha(5mins)
   14:05 Niigata Furumachi Geisha Dance Performance(10mins)
   14:15 Introduction of entertainments and demonstration(10mins)
   14:25 Explanation of kimono types, Q&A(5mins)
   14:30 Taking photos with the geisha(10mins)
   14:40 End of performance. Matcha tea and Japanese sweet included. (※This may happen before the perfomance)(10mins)
Payment is by cash on the day, though if a bank transfer is required please let us know in advance.