Rice Field Kayaking

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Rice Field Kayaking

Get another perspective on the beautiful nature of Aso from the rice fields of Minami-Aso village. Seat yourself in a kayak, and marvel at the stunning mountains and skies as you paddle around the rice field.

Minami-Aso village Asobo-no-Sato Kugino

3 Benefits of Rice Field Kayaking
・Anybody can enjoy this kayaking experience! First timers and children welcome.
・You don't need to bring anything. A great experience for 500 yen!
・Take a very special seat in the local fields to admire an amazing view of the five peaks of Mount Aso!


Plan Detail
Meeting place Road Station Asobo-no-Sato Kugino (Special Venue at the end of the lawn area)
Duration May~August (Limited to weekends in summer season)
Excluded dates  
Timing 10 minutes
Group size 1 pax
Minimum no. of participants 1 pax
Price 500 yen per person
Contact for reservation  
Application deadline  
Cancellation terms  
Special gift  
Fees included in price Use of kayak and life jacket
Age 8 years and older (For those younger than 8, a two person kayak is an option.)
Weather ※In the case of bad weather the tour may be subject to changes, or cancellation.