Try your luck at the Boat Race, and try to pick the winner from the 6 racers!

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Try your luck at the Boat Race, and try to pick the winner from the 6 racers!

Boat Race is a fast paced water sport where 6 boats race across the surface of the water and there is one winner. It is a sport invented in Japan. It is a betting sport, so should you pick the winner you can win money. It is fun to watch even for first timer, as an attendant will explain the rules, how to appreciate the race, and how to place bets. Fancy trying your luck at Laka Hamana?

Royal Room

This view area was open after renovation in February 2018. It gives a great view over the racing. The attendant will explain all about the boat racing so it can be fully enjoyed by anyone, even if they are new to the sport.


Plan Detail
Meeting place Lake Hamana Boat Race Atrium
Duration According to Lake Hamana Boat Race Schedule (All year)
Excluded dates  
Timing 13:00~
Group size 2 pax
Minimum no. of participants 2 pax
Price 15,000 yen per person
Contact for reservation mocha-chai Inc.
Application deadline By 10am on day prior to tour
Cancellation terms Free before 10am on the day. After 10am on the day a cancellation fee of 3,000 yen per person will be charged.
Special gift  
Fees included in price Tour fee, taxes
Age Over age of 7 (1st year of elementary school in Japan)
Weather Bad weather such as strong wind or rain could cause cancellation.
Other Changes in schedule may be caused by conditions on the lake
Gather at Lake Hamana Boat Race Atrium(13:00)---Attendant explains rules, and gives overview of facility---Move to Viewing Area, Explanation on how to place a bet(13:30)---Placing bets and watching races (13:50)---Finish(around 15:30)
No need to bring anything. Guests are welcome to stay until the very end of the races. Race finish times depend on daylight - around 17:10 in summer, and 16:10 in winter.)