Experience soy sauce pressing at a historical soy sauce brewery

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Experience soy sauce pressing at a historical soy sauce brewery

At the soy sauce brewery Meiji-Ya, a soy sauce brewery with a long tradition in Hamamatsu, the art of soy sauce brewing has been passed down from generation to generation since its founding in 1875.

The Meiji-Ya Soy Sauce Facility


Soy sauce pressing experience


Plan Detail
Meeting place Meiji-Ya Soy Sauce
Duration From Monday to Saturday (From 1 October 2019 until 31 March 2020)
Excluded dates Closed for New Year’s, Golden Week and summer holidays
Timing Time required: Around 3 hours
Group size 2 to 10 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 5,500 yen per person
※Separate fee for interpretation: 14,300 yen
Contact for reservation mocha-chai Inc.
Application deadline 10 days in advance
Cancellation terms 500 yen per person if cancellation received 2 days prior to the event or earlier, 50% of booking price if cancellation received the day before the event, 100% of booking price for cancellation on the day or in case of no prior notification of cancellation
Special gift Soy sauce which was expressed during the event may be taken home.
Fees included in price Brewery tour, soy sauce pressing experience, soy sauce tasting, souvenirs
Bookings for the next two years Accept
Other In order to protect the koji mold needed for the production of soy sauce, please do not eat natto on the day of the event.
Soy sauce brewery tour -- soy sauce pressing experience -- soy sauce tasting