Learn from tea farmers and playfully experience Japanese tea

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Learn from tea farmers and playfully experience Japanese tea

After a tour of the tea fields and the tea factory, guided by tea farmers, you can take part in a tea tasting game of trying to tell apart different kinds of tea which have been preserved since the Kamakura period (1185–1333).


Tea plantation・tea factory


Plan Detail
Meeting place Muramatsu Shoten
Duration From January until November (From 1 October 2019 until 31 March 2020)
Excluded dates Closed from mid-April until June and on Tuesdays
Timing From 13:00 (Time required: Around 120 minutes)
Group size 2 to 6 people
Minimum no. of participants 2 people
Price 6,600 yen per person
※ separate interpretation fee 14,300 yen
Contact for reservation mocha-chai Inc.
Application deadline 7 days in advance
Cancellation terms 500 yen per person if cancellation received 2 days prior to the event of earlier, 50% of booking price of cancellation received the day before the event, 100% of booking price for cancellation on the day or in case of no prior notification of cancellation
Special gift Sweets and souvenirs included
Fees included in price Cost of the event, sweets, souvenirs
Bookings for the next two years Accept
From 13:00: tea plantation tour, tea factory tour (30 minutes), from 13:30: Chakabuki event in the tea room of the store (60 minutes), from 14:30: participants can shop for tea and tea utensils in the store (30 minutes)