Scenic Photo Shooting at Chichibugahama Beach !

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Scenic Photo Shooting at Chichibugahama Beach !

This is a photo shooting plan at Chichibugahama Beach, Mitoyo city Kagawa, a famous photogenic spot.

Mitoyo city, Chichibugahama Beach


Plan Detail
Meeting place Chichibugahama Parking Lot
(Otsu-203-3 Niochō NioMitoyo, Kagawa)
Duration Throughout the year
(refer to Chichibugahama Beach Sunset and Tide Calendar2019)
Excluded dates Tuesdays, the New Year’s holiday
Timing 1.5 hours (16:00~20:00)
※ Different time depending on seasons
Group size One group per day (up to 10 people per group)
※ Additional fees in case of more than 10 people
Minimum no. of participants 1 person
Price 20,000 yen
weekends and national holidays 25,000 yen
Contact for reservation Mitoyo Tourism and Exchange Authority
TEL:0875-56-5880(closed on Tuesdays)
Application deadline 3 days in advance
Cancellation terms Cancellation fees will be charged if you cancel for reasons related to customers’ convenience, regardless of weather conditions (50% until the meeting time, 100% in case of no show without prior notification)
Special gift  
Fees included in price Photo shooting, download 20 pictures, photographer/tour guide(1 person), instructions for photograph techniques and poses, and equipment rental.

Bookings for the next two years Accept

Weather Cancelled in case of bad weather conditions
Chichibugahama Parking Lot----Photo Shooting at Chichibugahama Beach (approximately 1.5 hours ---- finish the session
・Depending on weather conditions, you may not be able to take pictures that look like the ones in the pamphlet.
・Given that the photo shooting takes place in a public place, by-passers may be in your pictures. You may need to wait when there are many people.