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「The Lake of the Sea」- A new story starting from Lake Hamana -

Five hundred years in the past, from the times when the sea and the lake were connected, rich blessings were nurtured, and this is connected in turn to manufacturing....
Blessings sprang from the mountain, became a river and poured into Lake Hamana. The ebb and flow of the tide brought life from the sea, graceful and dynamic, and day by day as it changed, it brought Lake Hamana to life. As the lake changed forms from freshwater, to stagnant, to ‘Lake of the Sea’, more than 800 different kinds of seafood and other natural marine resources flourished, along with abundant nature, and waterside scenery that changes color from season to season.
On the shores around this 'Lake of the Sea' people and objects collected. And they combined, not just taking advantage of nature's bounty like fishing and agriculture, but new industries have sprung forth - textiles, musical instruments, and means of transportation. World famous brands such as Toyota, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda were also born here. Lake Hamana is connected to the sea and to the mountains. Day by day it changes its shape and as if nurturing new life, it accepts this intermingling, rises to the challenge, and has the ethos of making new things, things that can take root in this region.
Lake Hamana has cultivated the plentiful blessings of nature, it has created people, it has created things, it has made communities, and has created an environment that gives rise to play. Touched by the ‘Lake of the Sea’ a new story will begin.

The Characteristics of this Area
■ Climate

It is blessed with a relatively warm climate throughout the year, and has one of the highest amounts of sunlight in the whole of Japan. However, in winter a strong, seasonal north-westerly wind blows, known as the 'Karakkaze of Enshu' which is strongly associated with winter in the region.

■ Nature

The area to the west of Lake Hamana is the main center; to the north is the mountainous region of the south western reaches of the steep Southern Alps. To the south lies the open sea of Enshu, and to the east more mountains with the Tenryu River cutting through them to connect with the sea. Surrounded by different environments on each point of the compass, from oceans to mountains, it is blessed with a rich variety of nature.

■ Culture

From the foot of the Southern Alps, centering on the Kosai mountain range, the worship of nature was born and Buddhist culture started to flower. There are many shrines and Buddhist temples dating from the Heian period through to the Edo period. Known as bizarre Tokaido festivals, the magnificent Shin Arai Handmade Cylinder Firework Festival, 'Hyondori' and 'Okunai' are traditional entertainments that have been passed down to the present day.

■ Cuisine

In addition to the abundant seafood in Lake Hamana and the Enshu Sea, the eel raised in the area is a source of pride as Japan's tastiest and most well known. Also, with the areas around Lake Hamana being some of the best agricultural production regions in Japan, it is possible to enjoy a wide range of delicious ingredients.


Experience program

Stand in the middle of the lake as you play on a platform

A plan to experience ‘Lake of the Sea’ seafood, tour a village, and stand in the middle of the lake.

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