Stand in the Middle of Lake Hamana! Fully Experience “the Lake of the Sea” Within 2 Days

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Hamanako Tourism Zone

“The Lake of the Sea” - A New Story Starting From Lake Hamana -

Lake Hamana joined with the sea five hundred years ago and became a “lake of the sea.” Transforming from freshwater lake to brackish lake, then to “the lake of the sea,” Lake Hamana is home to abundant aquatic resources including over eight hundred kinds of seafood, a waterside landscape that changes color seasonally, and bountiful nature. Located in the center of Japan, the area became a key traffic hub between the east and west. From the exchange of people, things, and culture, a town was created, industries developed, and an environment of leisure was born.
From “the lake of the sea,” we once again weave a new story.

Entry Program 07

Stand in the Middle of Lake Hamana! Fully Experience “the Lake of the Sea” Within 2 Days

Lake Hamana is a “lake of the sea,” or a lake that has joined with the sea. Located in the center of Japan, there are many things you can only experience at this “lake of the sea.” Taking a picture standing in the middle of the lake, tasting shrimp and crab caught with local fisherman on the surface of the lake… These things can only be experienced at Lake Hamana. Enjoy the beautiful flowers and scenery, feel the wind and scent of the tide, taste the local ingredients. All of your senses will be satisfied here. A new emotion waits for you at this hidden gem Lake Hamana, “the lake of the sea.”


Hamamatsu Flower Park, Crystal Palace

Activity contents 1

Enjoy the Lake Hamana Flower Festival!

The Lake Hamana area is a prominent flora cultivation area in Japan, with several notable flower spots scattered throughout the area. The Lake Hamana Flower Festival is held every year from the end of March to the beginning of June. Visitors can enjoy flowers of a multitude of colors in tune with the season at the main festival locations Hamamatsu Flower Park and Hamanako Garden Park. Some highlights include Hamamatsu Flower Park’s greenhouse Crystal Palace, in which visitors are surrounded by flowers, creating a palace-like atmosphere, and Hamanako Garden Park’s observation tower, from which you can see not only all of Lake Hamana at a glance, but giant landscape art reflecting the event theme of the season.


Lake Hamana Cycling Road

Activity contents 2

Tour the Coast of “the Lake of the Sea!” Lake Hamana Cycling

Enjoy the scenery of “the lake of the sea” while cycling. One of the special features of Lake Hamana is the cycling road which runs along the lake shore, close enough to the lake’s surface that you can feel the scent of the tide. Professional sports bicycles, fashionable bicycles, as well as easy-to-ride motorized bicycles are all available to rent, so everyone can have a refreshing experience and feel the wind of Lake Hamana.


Traditional Lake Hamana Takiya Fishing

Activity contents 3

Big Catch Tonight?! Become a fisherman! Traditional Takiya Fishing

Takiya fishing is one of Lake Hamana’s traditional fishing methods. A must for experiencing Lake Hamana. With a light affixed to the front of a small boat beneath the water’s surface, spear shrimp, crabs, and sea bream with a harpoon and then catch them in a net. Of course, the fisherman acting as your guide will cook your catch for you right on there on the raft. The taste of freshly caught seafood eaten on the lake’s surface is sublime.



Stay at a lodging facility in the Lake Hamana Kanzanji Onsen area

We will stay overnight at one of the Lake Hamana Kanzanji Onsen facilities, which are famous for their breath-taking views of the lake area. Take a dip in the onsen and relax after your exciting day.



Stand in the Middle of Lake Hamana!

Activity contents 4

Stand in the Middle of Lake Hamana! “Lake of the Sea” Photoshoot

Due to Lake Hamana’s distinctive wide and shallow features, as well as its tides as a “lake of the sea,” during the tide’s ebb, a tideland on which people can stand on appears. After taking a boat ride to the tideland, a view as picturesque as the Uyuni salt flat will stretch out before you, and you can experience standing in the middle of Lake Hamana. It makes a great memorable photo!


Eel Catching & Kabayaki Cuisine

Activity contents 5

The Famous Lake Hamana Eel! Eel Catching & Kabayaki Cuisine

Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana are famous for freshwater eel, or unagi. A major production area with several unagi farms, the unagi grown here have the best taste, best quality, and are the most famous in all of Japan. Try to catch the eel, which are slipperier than you think! Then experience the exquisite taste of victory by eating the unagi that you caught yourself, prepared kabayaki-style. Enjoy Lake Hamana’s representative cuisine.


Kabayaki Unagi


Kabayaki unagi, as mentioned in the plan above.

Enjoy kabayaki unagi, as mentioned in the plan above.


Day 1
1:00 PM Depart Hamamatsu Sta. → Hamamatsu Flower Park 1:45-3:00 PM → Cycling → Hamanako Garden Park 3:40-5:00 PM → Ryokan 5:20-5:30 PM → Takiya Fishing 6:00-9:00 PM → 9:30 PM Arrive at Ryokan

Day 2
9:00 AM Depart Ryokan → Pier to tideland to Kaikokan (Eel-catching and lunch) 9:15 AM-1:00 PM → 1:45 PM Arrive at Hamamatsu Sta.

Location where program starts and finishes / Hamamatsu Station ・ Means of transport / Bus, Car, Boat

*The “Traditional Lake Hamana Takiya Fishing”, “Stand in the Middle of Lake Hamana!” and “Lake Hamana Cycling” activities may be cancelled due to inclement weather.