Bonsai Town

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Bonsai Town

Visit Konishi Shorakuen, a 130-year-old bonsai nursery. The fourth-generation head craftsman, who has 20 years of experience under his belt, will teach you how to discern what makes a good bonsai and proper bonsai aesthetics. Try working with a bonsai tree yourself—tasks vary by season.

①10:00-10:30 Arrive at Konishi Shorakuen, lecture on how to discern good bonsai and their aesthetics
②10:30-11:10 Walk with the head craftsman around nearby nurseries (Kandaka Shojuen, etc.)
③11:10-11:30 Watch as the head craftsman works with bonsai (pruning, etc.)— a unique chance to see the process up close
④11:30-12:00 Try working with bonsai yourself (task varies by season)
Price: From ¥5,005~
・Tour of bonsai nursery ・Activity fee
Best Time of Year All year round
Ideal No. of People 1~
Booking Deadline
Age Limit
Mode of Transport JR, on foot
Cancellation Charge 4–7 days before departure: 40%
2–3 days before departure: 60%
Tour departure day or 1 day before: 100%
No show: 100%
*After payment: 10%

Konishi Shorakuen