Top Tour Poll Overview

About the prizes available for those who vote

There are 3 sets of pair tickets to won for the tour plans that are selected.

Those that vote for the TOP 3 tour plans will go into a draw to win a set of tickets for two people for the tour for which they voted (A total of 6 people – 2 for each of the Top 3 tours)
Furthermore, if the meeting point for the tour requires a trip by airplane, through the kind sponsorship of JAL, a pair of tickets to the closest airport(※) will also be included.
※Only valid on JAL operated flights. The tickets are for regular seats on a simple return flight on the same route.

Invitation content

The full package for the 2 day 1 night trip is included (accommodation, food, tour contents, local transportation.)

<Contents of the trip for 2 people>
・Fee for all the elements included on the tour (Guide included)
・Accommodation ※N.B.: The accommodation in the tour has been set by the Tourism Zone so it is not possible to choose where you stay.
・Meals (Dinner, breakfast, and lunch on the second day)
・Transportation at destination from meeting on Day 1 to the end of the tour on Day 2
※If the meeting point for the tour requires a transfer by plane, winners will also received domestic flight tickets from JAL (available on regular routes only.)
※A local guide will accompany you during your 2 day 1 night tour.

The cost of transportation to the start point, and home again from the finish of the tour is to be borne by the winners. Should a domestic flight be necessary to reach the start point, a pair of return domestic flight tickets from the closest airport to the winners to the closest airport to the meeting point will also be part of the prize.
Transportation costs to and from airports will be borne by the winners.
※①The tickets are only available on JAL operated flights.
They are not valid on Japan Transocean Air (JTA), Japan Air Commuter (JAC), or Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC).
They can also not be used on codeshare flights with Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), Amakusa Airlines (AMX), or Jetstar Japan (JJP).
②The tickets provided are for regular seats on a simple return flight on the same route.
It is not possible to pay to upgrade the tickets to first class or a higher class of seating.
③Seat reservation in advance is not possible. Neither is being on standby.
④Flight mileage cannot be accrued on these flights.
⑤These tickets can not be transferred, and cannot be exchanged for cash.
⑥Changes are not possible once the tickets have been issued. In case of cancellation these tickets will become void.
It is not possible to change these tickets in the event of delays, cancellations, etc causing the winners to be late for their flight.

Important Points relating to the Tourism Plan Prizes

1. The pair tickets for these tours are for a package tour with accompanying guide, and include accommodation, meals, local transportation during the tour between the start and finish points. The accommodation provider is set and it is not possible to choose.

2.The pair travel tickets are special tickets for 2 people, and it is not possible to use for just 1 person. Should you wish to bring additional people it is possible to pay the additional costs for the 3rd guest onwards.

3.The pair travel tickets, or JAL flight tickets cannot be exchanged for cash, or resold.

Timeline from voting to receiving the prizes

Sunday 24th Dec 2017 7pm Voting closes
Friday 5th January 2018 Announcement of TOP 3(on the this website)

※Once the TOP 3 have been decided, the organizer will draw the winners from among those who voted for the TOP 3 tours.

Monday 15th January 2018 Announcement of the winners & contacting winners by email

※The organizers will contact the winners by email, and will then start to work out dates and arrangements.
※The names (nickname) and current town/city of residence of the winners as entered by them at the time of voting will be announced on the this website.

【N.B.】Winners must reply to the organizer’s email by 11pm on Saturday 20th January 2018.
The winners will be emailed by the Organizers on Monday 15th January 2018, and should reply with the requested information to the Organizers by 11pm on Saturday 20th January. If there is no reply by 11pm on Saturday 20th January the draw will declared void. Should this happen a new winner will be drawn.

February - June 2018 Winners participate on their tours

※The mail informing the winners sent on January 15th will start the arrangements, and the tours will take place between February and June 2018. During the peak period dates of April 28th - May 6th these tours are unavailable.
※Detailed arrangements for the tours and direct contact with the winners will be conducted by the Tourism Zones/Tourism Associations of the areas that were selected as the Top 3.



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