Along the whole length of Japan there is a wide variety of nature and climates.
Many layers of culture are interwoven into its long history.
Bounty from the mountains and from the sea, and cuisine created from deep knowledge.
There is a Japan that you are yet to discover.
Nature is a place to play, and a place of adventure.
Ancient routes and shrines summon deep spirituality.
Hidden hamlets conceal their own unique culture.
Here you can interact with the local inhabitants.
There are journeys in Japan that you are yet to discover.
We will provide an environment in which you can enjoy Japan in full confidence,
with accommodation programs that distill the charm of the region, at internationally accepted quality standards.
This is a Japan chosen for discerning travelers.
Travel concierges from each of these twelve special areas are waiting to welcome you.



Stand in the middle of the lake as you play on a platform

A plan to experience ‘Lake of the Sea’ seafood, tour a village, and stand in the middle of the lake.

Niseko Winter Rafting

Exciting River Touring with magnificent views of the winter scenery.

Faith x Art Exploration in Kotohira

Through the historical art in a land of faith, come to know the spirit of the Japanese.


Do you know "SAKURA QUALITY"?

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