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Japan is a country of not just one but many unique cultures. Only by a willingness to journey off the beaten path and into the country’s seemingly impenetrable core is it possible to be rewarded with a deeper understanding of this ancient and complex land. From Hokkaido in the far north to Shikoku and Kyushu down south and various points in between, Japan contains hidden hamlets and warm, welcoming locals waiting to show you their worlds. Undiscovered Japan introduces 13 regions, each with its own distinct culture and charm, and each with a designated concierge available to help visitors achieve the authentic experiences that linger long after the trip has ended.

Find excitement and adventure among the abundant nature of Japan

The Japanese archipelago extends a long distance from north to south, and encompasses a wide range of climates and topography. As a result of this it is blessed with an abundance of natural scenery. The beauty produced by nature in Japan is an impressive sight, and enjoying the activities that take place in such a setting is truly exciting. How about a little adventure to fully appreciate Japan?

Unique Cultures

Is an experience of Japanese culture in Kyoto enough? Not even close. There is a wealth of history and tradition to discover all over Japan. As you head deeper into the regions of Japan you can find unique cultures much as they have always been. Let’s take a trip to explore these places where you can encounter the many cultures of Japan.

Hidden villages and a chance to meet the locals who live there

Japan is known as a highly advanced nation, and this is certainly the impression you
will get if you venture to one of its cities. Yet set foot in the countryside and you will encounter a way of life in harmony with nature that has been carrying on throughout the ages. So let’s head to the countryside, and there get to know the local people and their livelihood. There is a whole other Japan that you are yet to discover.

Feel the deep spirituality at the ancient shrines and pilgrim trails

Where did the Japanese, who see divinity in trees and rocks, and have compassion for nature, get this sensitivity from? Perhaps there are clues to be found in the Jomon Culture which for a period of over 10,000 years lived in harmony with nature. Or we can catch a glimpse in the religious ceremony that has been going for over 1000 years and is still performed today. We will introduce you to some trips that will take you to the source of this deep spirituality found in Japan.