Experience Program

On this page you can learn about experiences that are available around these parts of Japan that you may not yet have discovered.
There are programs throughout the whole country from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, and throughout the whole year, from spring through to winter. For further details on anything, please feel free to contact us through this form.

Mizu-no-Kamuy ~KushiroWetland, Akan, and Mashu~ Tourism Area

A Land Untouched

The areas that are now Akan-Mashu National Park and Kushiro Shitsugen National Park have long been inhabited by the local Ainu.

Kushiro Marshland Guided Tour

This guided tour is designed to teach people about the ecology of the Kushiro Marshlands.

Exploring Ainu Culture

For centuries, the forests of Lake Akan have been an important place for the native Ainu population.

Kushiro River Canoe Tour

The Kushiro River flows into the Pacific Ocean and has a length of roughly 154 km.

Furano・Biei Tourism Zone

Untouched Hokkaidō—Furano and Biei: A Land of Flower and Farms

Now, Hokkaidō is well known as a major agricultural center in Japan.

The Local Wineries of Furano and Biei

Despite initially suffering from the rugged terrain and various natural disasters.

In the Skies of Furano and Biei

The Tokachidake and Ashibetsu mountain ranges surround beautiful valleys and fields.

Fields of Lavender

Fields of lavender dot the farmlands of Furano and Biei making for a fragrant.

Niseko Tourism Zone

Clear Waters, Fresh Air, Beautiful Mountains

Niseko is a place of exploration and discovery.

The Niseko Mountain Range

The Niseko Mountain Range is a collection of 11 mountains that stretch from east to west.

Canoeing and Fishing Along The Shiribetsu River

An easy-going day of canoeing along the crystal water of the Shiribetsu River.

The Beauty of Mount Yotei

Mount Yotei is an icon of the region and is a symbol of rugged beauty in the area.

Tokimeki Sado and Niigata Tourism Zone

Geisha: Traditions Still Alive

During the Edo Period, Niigata used to be the largest port in the Sea of Japan and was used extensively for trade.

The Island Where Deities Dance

A traditional dance known as "Onidaiko" is performed on Sado Island.

Simple and Delicious – The Traditional Cuisine of Sado Island 

Here you may make your own bamboo bowl and enjoy a high-quality meal made with Iwakubi`s rice.

YUKIGUNI (Snow Country Tourism Zone)

From Eco Lodge To Eco Lodge. A Long Trail Journey

This tour will cover a section of the 307km long Snow Country Trail, with stays in environmentally sustainable eco lodges.

Discovering YUKIGUNI tour

Only 70 minutes from the bustling streets of Tokyo is the northern “snow country.”

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field tour

One the largest international art festivals in Japan.

The Gastronomy of YUKIGUNI

Due to the snowy climate and long winters, the warmer months are used in part to prepare foods for the winter.

Inspiration and Comfort TIMELESS YUKIGUNI

The foothills of the local mountains are an absolute delight for lovers of nature at any level.

Yatsugatake Tourism Zone

A Family Friendly Adventure Tour of Yatsugatake

A new way to explore Yatsugatake.

Yatsugatake Adventure Retreat “Local Traditions Endowed by Sacred Mountains”

A tour interacting with locals centered on the waters and traditions of Mt. Kaikomagatake, where mountain worship is still practiced.

Yatsugatake Adventure Retreat “Harmony with Nature -Coexisting with Water, Sun, and Stars”

A tour exploring Yatsugatake area’s history and culture as it coexists with nature.

Tuk-Tuk: A New Way to Travel

This guided tour consists of a day and nighttime program.

Stepping Back in Time

Enjoy this traditional footpath tour through the unspoiled nature and townscape of the Hakushu area.

Exploring Japan’s Jomon Culture

Explore sacred sites dating back to the Jomon culture scattered throughout the area by car.

Kyoto by the Sea Tourism Zone

The Kyoto Coast

Known colloquially as “Kyoto by the sea”

E-Bike Coastal Cycling

It is easy to enjoy the coastal scenery of the area gliding along the rides atop a rental E-bike.

Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding (SUP)

These paddleboards are accessible even for beginners and allow a “hands-on” experience with the local waters.

Kanabiki Falls “TAKIGYO”

The mysterious Kanabiki Falls are an ideal location to take part in this ancient tradition.

Kagawa Setouchi Art Tourism Zone

Nature, Tradition, and Art Amid The Seto Inland Sea

Enjoy the scenery, culture, and cuisine of The Seto Inland Sea.

Ancient Rituals and Temple Caves

Take part in a mystical, gomadaki fire ritual.

From Olives to Eel, The Cuisine of Shodoshima

Take a day to experience Japanese cuisine and rural landscapes through the rich cuisine of Shodoshima Island.

Nishi-Awa, Mt. Tsurugi and The Yoshino River Tourism Zone

《Accommodation Plan》Gibier Feast & Mountain Life Experience

In this accommodation plan, you'll stay at Uribo, a guesthouse run by Mr. Kinoshita, a hunter versed in agriculture, forestry, and fishing.

Private hiking tours to Mt. Tsurugi & the headwaters

Enjoy a guided hiking tour through the Tsurugi mountain range according to your preferences.

Best for making great travel memories! Indigo dyeing experience on Udatsu street

Try Tokushima’s traditional indigo dyeing on Udatsu street in Wakimachi, once flourished as the distribution center of indigo plants several hundred years ago.

[Private car included] Tour of Oku-Iya – a thousand years, a hidden hamlet (6 hours)

Visit highlights of Oku-Iya on a private car in 6 hours. Local specialty lunch with Iya soba buckwheat noodles is included.

Toyonokuni Millennium Heritage Tourism Zone

Beppu Kannawa Jigoku (“Hell”) Steam Tour

The unique dish of Kannawa Onsen is jigoku-mushi, in which fresh vegetables, meat and fish are steamed in a jigoku kettle (called a “hell”) with 100 °C hot spring water.

Gyoukoue, Tracing the Traditions of Japan

We trace the route that inspired a thousand years of history.

Walking along the Kunisaki Hantou Trail

This trail is a nature trail that traverses mountain paths, ancient roads and the like.

Senpukuji Temple・Experience Zen meditationand hand-copying sutras

Senpukuji Temple is a Zen temple located in Kunisaki.

Sea Wind Country Sasebo Ojika Tourism Zone

【Umikazetabi。Experience】Mikawachi ware Painting

Experience paintting at the Mikawachi ware kiln that has been around for 400years.

Ojika Island Homestay

Peek behind the tourism scene, diving deeper into a local culture not as a tourist, but as a member of a local family.

A Journey to the Land of Sea and Wind

A charming coastal city with a unique history serves as a gateway to a hidden island.

Kominka Stay: Preserving Cultural Heritage

For those who wish to slip back in time and discover the traditional charm of Japan.

Aso-Kuju Tourism Zone

Aso Kuju Sightseeing Area Tour

A tour of the Aso area, which is rich in nature, “power spots”, delicious meals, and hot springs.

Reclining Buddha Amid a Sea of Clouds

Daikanbo is the place where you can enjoy the most magnificent view of Aso in the Aso area.

The Power Spots of Japan

The Daikanbo look out and Oshitoishi Hill,which are guided by the Aso Geopark Guide.

Mennoishi Trekking

This is a trekking course for cat fans.