Kagawa Setouchi Art Tourism Zone

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Kagawa Setouchi Art Tourism Zone

Traditional Japanese hotels

Yumoto Konpira Onsen Hananoyu Koubaitei

A Japanese style hot spring hotel standing at the foot of kotohira-gu shrine.

shimayado MARI

Taste, Moromi island lodge. (moromi is the unrefined mash used in soy sauce)

Kotohira Grand Hotel Sakuranosho

A Japanese style hot spring hotel standing on the road to kotohira-gu shrine.


Scenery. Cookery. Hospitality. Hot springs

New KAIFU Hotel

The taste of the Seto Inland sea's four seasons and hospitality.

Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima

All rooms have a view of the Seto Inland sea. A popular resort with our own hot spring source.

Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku

A Japanese style hotel with hot springs at the foot of Kotohira-gu shrine.

Konpira Onsen Yumoto Yachiyo

Please enjoy the superb views from our outdoor baths.


JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu

Welcome to the hotel overlooking the sea

Kashikiri Yunoyado Kotone Hotel

Unlimited use of our chartered baths.


Right in the city, yet peaceful at night.

Shodoshima-kokusai Hotel

The closest hotel to angel road.

Sakaide Grand Hotel

2 minutes by car from Sakaide-kita Interchange. There is a spa facility inside hotel annex 'SARAI'.

Takamatsu Kokusai Hotel

An accomplished and traditional hotel.


Relax at ease in our large rooms.

Kotohira Park Hotel

Bathing area complete with great views. Free coffee service.

Utazu Grand Hotel

A multifunctional hotel with wifi throughout the building.

Rihga Hotel Zest Takamatsu

Close to the shopping district, optimal for shopping and sightseeing.

Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu

Shikoku's first hotel with executive facilities on all floors.

CHISUN INN Takamatsu

Stylish economy hotel.


Outstanding access to Takamatsu sightseeing spots.

Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima

Resort hotel with views overlooking the Seto Inland sea.

Small scale hotels and lodgings

Kawaramachi Dormitory

A relaxing place like a secret base. Near the station, convenient for taking trains to many tourist sites.

guesthouse wakabaya

Best trip advisor in Takamatsu

Guest House Madoka

A back alley pilgrimage inn renovated into a guest house.