Aso-Kuju Tourism Zone

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Aso-Kuju Tourism Zone

Traditional Japanese hotels

Ryokan Ichinoi

An onsen with good quality, sediment rich water and sulphur

aso hakusuionnsenn ruri

A hot spring hotel overflowing with a sense of airiness

Shikino Mori

All rooms overlook Mount Aso

Aso Morinoeki Donguri

An unusual hideaway in the forest.


Free wifi throughout

Komeya Bessou

Flavor & Heart. Natural onsen.

Namino Plateau Yasuragi Recreation and Rest Center

Stay at a former elementary school.

Ryokan Chikurakutei

A hot spring lodge with all rooms well separated standing at the foot of Minamiaso mountain.

Ryokan Sanga

Beauty of Japan’s nature and soothing hot springs.

Kurokawa Onsen Wakaba Ryokan

A lodge with children in mind.

Ryokan Minawa

A remote lodge with outside bathing pools. Hot spring baths in all guest rooms.

Takachiho Hanareyado Kamigakure

Japanese style yet modern. Offering gourmet food in a village hamlet with mountain air.

Aso Uchinomakionsen Yumeoisou

A hot spring hotel for eating, drinking and having a good time.

Yunoyado Irifune

Healing hot springs, Relaxing rooms, Gourmet cuisine. A delightful lodge.


A quaint well established Japanese style hotel with bathing pools with natural hot spring water pouring right in.


A Japanese style hotel with cooking based on the local ingredients.


Established around 300 years ago, at the end of the Edo era.


A traditional lodging house founded 120 years ago, surrounded in Aso's beatutiful nature.



Bathing pools with natural hot spring water pouring right in.

Small scale hotels and lodgings

Houses Maroudo

A lovely family home.

Houreinoyado Hotel

Here, you can enjoy a nostalgic, relaxing hot spring accommodation at a reasonable price.