Along the whole length of Japan there is a wide variety of nature and climates.
Many layers of culture are interwoven into its long history.
Bounty from the mountains and from the sea, and cuisine created from deep
knowledge. There is a Japan that you are yet to discover.
Nature is a place to play, and a place of adventure.
Ancient routes and shrines summon deep spirituality. Hidden hamlets conceal
their own unique culture.
Here you can interact with the local inhabitants.There are journeys in Japan
that you are yet to discover.
We will provide an environment in which you can enjoy Japan in full confidence,
with accommodation programs that distill the charm of the region,
at internationally accepted quality standards.
This is a Japan chosen for discerning travelers.
Travel concierges from each of these twelve special areas are waiting to
welcome you.

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~Find excitement and adventure among the abundant nature of Japan~

The Japanese archipelago extends a long distance from north to south, and encompasses
a wide range of climates and topography. As a result of this it is blessed with an
abundance of natural scenery. The beauty produced by nature in Japan is an impressive
sight, and enjoying the activities that take place in such a setting is truly exciting.
How about a little adventure to fully appreciate Japan?

The Sea Wind Journey. The Story of Wind, Sea and Time

A Sea Wind Journey to feel the history that has unfolded in the western seas.

Island x Art Exploration on Shodoshima

Through the contemporary art that blends into the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, experience the way of life on the island.

Niseko Winter Rafting

Exciting River Touring with magnificent views of the winter scenery.



~Unique Cultures~

Is an experience of Japanese culture in Kyoto enough?
Not even close. There is a wealth of history and tradition to discover all over Japan.
As you head deeper into the regions of Japan you can find unique cultures much as they
have always been. Let’s take a trip to explore these places where you can
encounter the many cultures of Japan.

Walking Tour around Aso Shrine

Discover the charm of the ancient Aso Shrine and the traces of days gone by in the town around it.

Traditional Techniques x Art Exploration in Takamatsu

Through the traditional art of Sanuki, experience the culture of harmony.

Stroll around a castle town that still retains the Edo atmosphere while wearing Kimono

A step back in time to the Edo period. Stroll around the old town which has a uniquely Japanese-style castle while dressed in a kimono.



~Hidden villages and a chance to meet the locals who live there~

Japan is known as a highly advanced nation, and this is certainly the impression you
will get if you venture to one of its cities. Yet set foot in the countryside and you
will encounter a way of life in harmony with nature that has been carrying on throughout
the ages. So let’s head to the countryside, and there get to know the local people and
their livelihood. There is a whole other Japan that you are yet to discover.

Snow Country Culture. Mid winter snow experience.

Meet the long-term residents of the countryside! Impressive snow!

Snow Country Culture. Getting ready at your pace.

Meet the long-term residents of the countryside! A relaxed trip to see winter preparations in Snow country!

A thousand years, a hidden hamlet – Secluded Area Tour in Oku-Iya

About 800 years ago as part of the training for the Heike they constructed the Oku-Iya Niju Kazurabashi (vine bridge)…



~Feel the deep spirituality at the ancient shrines and pilgrim trails~

Where did the Japanese, who see divinity in trees and rocks, and have compassion for
nature, get this sensitivity from? Perhaps there are clues to be found in the Jomon
Culture which for a period of over 10,000 years lived in harmony with nature. Or we
can catch a glimpse in the religious ceremony that has been going for over 1000 years
and is still performed today. We will introduce you to some trips that will take you
to the source of this deep spirituality found in Japan.

The Setting for Native Legends and Traditional Seaside Living

Experience the bounty of nature and the ancient culture that came from the ocean that was left by the great Taniha civilization who built Kyoto by the Sea…

1,300 Years of History – Rokugo Manzan Culture – Training Experience at Monju Senji Temple

Shinto gods and Buddha are complexly intertwined in the unique culture of this region which one can partake in at a training experience at the temple.