Top Tour Poll 2017

Even if you haven’t visited Japan, please feel free to cast your vote.
The top 3 tours with the most votes will be selected from the poll!
Those that voted for the top 3 tours will go into a draw to win a trip for two to experience that tour. There is one trip for two available for each of the top 3 tours.

The Top Tour Poll is not just a popularity vote between different tourism areas, but a head to head between different 2 day 1 night stay plans that have been specially selected by the 13 special tourism zones across Japan!
The line-up is the very best that each of the 13 special Tourism Zones has to offer and encapsulates the pride of that region.
Please cast your vote for the tour on which you would most like to go!

The 13 special tourism zones have been certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in a bid to increase regional tourism and offer a new glimpse of Japan other than the Golden Route. The concept is “UNDISCOVERED JAPAN – There is a Japan that you are yet to discover” and the 13 areas are working together to promote themselves to visitors.
These plans represent the very best of each area, so please cast your vote for the one that you would most like to experience.

Please cast your vote for the tour on which you would most like to go!


Title 「Japan Tourism Zones★Top Tour Poll 2017」
Duration Voting Period:Friday 22nd September - Sunday 24th December 2017
Top 3 Tour Results will be announced on Friday 5th January 2018
Winners will be announced on Sunday 15th January 2018
Winners travel period: January - June 2018
※The actual date will be decided after consultation with each set of winners.
Voting ・Voting website:Votes can be cast on this site
・Rules:1 vote per valid email address
・Organiser:Nationwide Tourism Zone Promotion Council
・Supporters: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Farms, & Fisheries, Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan Travel & Tourism Association, Japan Association of Travel Agents, All Nippon Travel Agents Association, Taisho University
・Sponsor: Japan Airlines

About the Top Tour

Experience adventure and the accompanying Ainu cultural activities.

The history and culture of the Ainu that live there.

Fantastic travel like a drama (Furano Premium Theater)

A road of walking towards to the heaven by listening to the sound of nature.

Niseko Winter Experience Programme

People can stay, enjoy gourmet delights and relax all in the same place.

To the Island of Festivals with “ONIDAIKO” Participate in a traditional festival in Matsugasaki village

Experience the ‘Onidaiko’ drums echoing around this usually silent village and feel the warmth of the local people.

A journey to savour the blessings of Snow Country, and enjoy art combining fireworks and light as you emerge from a corridor through 3 meters of snow.

As you travel along roads carved between impressive snow walls, enjoy the scenery that is unique to winter.

Stand in the Middle of Lake Hamana! Fully Experience “the Lake of the Sea” Within 2 Days

A new emotion waits for you at this hidden gem Lake Hamana, “the lake of the sea.

Setouchi Art & Nature: Exploring the Islands of Ogijima and Shodoshima

Experience refreshing the body and mind by feeling Setouchi throughout the five senses.

“A thoursand years,a hidden hamlet ”Shangli-LA“ Nishi-Awa” Tour

We provide you a jouney reviewing your lifestyle by meeting with smile of mountain residents.

Unravel One Thousand Years of Memories. A Completely Undiscovered Japan~The birthplace of the fusion of Shinto and Buddhism~

Get an understanding of the roots of Japan in the region where Shinto gods and Buddhist deities.

The Tales of the West Sea – Visit the history of relations connected by sea

A tour in which you can encounter the people living a spiritually rich life at the western coastal regions.

Aso, a trip over the land of 100,000 years.

Feel the magnificent nature and the “Aso” that people’s activities created.

Please cast your vote for the tour on which you would most like to go!