A Land Untouched

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A Land Untouched

The areas that are now Akan-Mashu National Park and Kushiro Shitsugen National Park have long been inhabited by the local Ainu, who have coexisted in harmony with the surrounding nature for centuries. From this harmony, an unspoiled land of flowing waters and pristine forests has remained seemingly untouched by time. A journey to this region will bring travelers face to face with the rich beauty of the scenery as well as ancient culture and traditions that continue to this day.


Day 1

・The journey begins atop the Kushiro Marsh Observatory which offers sweeping views of the area. A walk through the marshlands will give visitors a firsthand experience of the delicate ecology of the area as they lose themselves in the surrounding nature.
・At Lake Akan, explore the 'Ioru Forest' on the shores of the lake alongside a local Ainu guide, experiencing the respect for nature so prevalent in Ainu Culture.

Airport =<Rental car>= Kushiro Marsh Observatory and Wooden Walkway Walking Guided Tour= Michi no Eki
(Roadside Rest Area)Akan Tancho no Sato(Lunch) = Forest Time (Forest Walk Short Course) Feel the Spirit of the
Ainu  Living with the Forest  …  Walk around Ainu Kotan … Ainu cuisine for dinner … Watch Lost Kamuy… Experience
Kamuy Lumina…Lake Akan (stay)

Day 2

・Lake Akan is home to the world's only colony of "marimo," a unique form of algae important to the region's ecosystem.
At the Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center on Churui Island, these oddly charming spheres of green can be seen
up close.
・The placid waters of Lake Kussharo are the source of the gently flowing Kushiro River. Here visitors can enjoy leisurely canoe tours to float listlessly along with the clear, almost mirror like waters.

Lake Akan Sightseeing Cruiser(to Marimo exhibition and observation center) = Michi no Eki(Roadside Rest Area)
Mashu(Lunch) = Lake Kussharo The headwaters of Kushiro River Canoe Tour= Kawayu Onsen (stay)++
<Private car>++ After dinner, Stars over Lake Mashu Tour

Day 3

・Mt. Io is also known as Atosa-Nupuri, meaning "naked mountain" in the Ainu Language. The mountain was at one time heavily involved in the mining of sulfur and still houses an active volcano. As one hikes amid the rugged mountain landscape, sulfur can still be seen peeking from the dark earth in addition to plumes of smoke that serve as evidence of the nature still resting below.
・Mineral rich soil is not limited to the mountain however, and the richness of surrounding farms can be seen on display at the Washo Ichiba Market. Here, travelers can see and taste the cuisine of the region as it comes in from both field and coast.

depart from Kawayu Onsen = Mt,Io(Atosa-nupuri) = Lake Mashu = Hosooka Viewpoint =
Washo Ichiba Market(lunch・shopping) = arrive at Kushiro Airport

Washō Ichiba Market
Established in 1954, it is the oldest market in Kushiro. Here you can soak in local color, enjoy shopping for seasonal local goods, and sample local cuisine.

Lake Akan Pleasure Boat Ride
This boat tour allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake as well as learn more about the unique ecology of the area, including the iconic and rare “marimo” algae abundant in the area.

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