Nature, Tradition, and Art Amid The Seto Inland Sea

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Nature, Tradition, and Art Amid The Seto Inland Sea

Enjoy the scenery, culture, and cuisine of The Seto Inland Sea. Here you can experience intriguing works of modern art as well as immerse yourself in the rich traditions of the region.


Day 1

First, make your way up 785 stone steps to the main hall of the famous Kotohiragu Shrine, worshiped as the god of the sea since ancient times and affectionately called “Konpira-san.” Afterwards, see traditional beauty at the Konpira Grand Theater (Kanamaruza)* and the exquisite Omoteshoin Drawing Room, which houses sliding-door paintings by the artist Maruyama. As you walk amidst the numerous souvenir shops and restaurants that line the approach to the shrine, grab some of Kagawa’s famous Sanuki udon noodles for lunch. To finish the day, you’ll make a “Konbag,” a bag made from colorful cloth banners used to announce kabuki shows and hand-dyed by traditional Kagawa craftspeople.

Okayama → train → Kotohira → Konpira Udon (lunch) → Kotohiragu Shrine, Omoteshoin Drawing Room, and Konpira Grand Theater(Kanamaruza) → make a Konbag (bag made from Konpira kabuki theater banners) → overnight in Kotohira.
*Konpira Grand Theater (Kanamaruza) is closed October 2020 through March 2022 for repairs

Day 2

Learn how people used to live at Shikoku , where you can see traditional homes, some over 200 years old, assembled here from various locations on Shikoku. At Ritsurin Garden, experience the same beauty enjoyed by Takamatsu’s feudal lords long ago, and dine on traditional local cuisine at a teahouse. Listen to talented craftswomen as they discuss how they pass their knowledge along to the next generation as you make your very own Sanuki Kagari Temari embroidered ball. Round out your day with a nighttime walk through charmingly antiquated bars and restaurants with a fellow expat to guide you.

Hotel → train → Shikoku Mura and Yashimaji Temple → train → Ritsurin Garden and lunch → taxi → make Sanuki Kegari Temari embroidered balls → walk → Takamatsu shopping arcades → overnight in Takamatsu

Day 3

Shodoshima Island, floating in the Seto Inland Sea, has abundant nature, a long history, traditional crafts, and incredible art for you to enjoy. For lunch, try an onigiri (rice ball) set, made exclusively from local ingredients. The past is preserved in the Soy Sauce Village area, where you can learn how soy sauce is traditionally made at a 150-year-old brewery that still uses handmade barrels for fermentation.

Hotel → “Liminal Air –core–”* → Takamatsu Port → high-speed boat → Tonosho Port (Shodoshima Island) → “Gift of The Sun”* → rental car → Angel Road → Komame Shokudo (lunch) → Olive Park → Sakate Port area, “Regent in Olives,”* “ANGER from the Bottom”* → Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Studio → Soy Sauce Village → Tonosho Port → high-speed boat → Takamatsu Port → Takamatsu → train → Okayama
*Setouchi Triennale Art

Learn how soy sauce is traditionally made at a 150-year-old factory still using handmade fermentation barrels.

Experience the same beauty once enjoyed by Takamatsu’s feudal lords at Ritsurin Garden, a National Treasure Garden.

Make your very own Sanuki Kagari Temari embroidered ball with a craftsperson passing on their skills to the next generation.

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