The Power Spots of Japan

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The Power Spots of Japan

The Daikanbo look out and Oshitoishi Hill,which are guided by the Aso Geopark Guide and offer a spectacular view, are the shooting locations for the live-action movie Attack on Titan.

9:30~9:40AM depart from asocity ASOHANAASOBI or Aso Gymnasium・・・<Transfer by Courtesy bus>30min Daikanbo Observatory・・10:50~11:20AM Oshtoishi no oka・・・12:30 asocity ASOHANAASOBI or Aso Gymnasium.
Price ¥3,000
Guide Transfer / Iriyama fee
Best Time of Year 7~11
Ideal No. of People 2~5
Booking Deadline 4 days before departure Until 16:00
Age Limit
Mode of Transport Courtesy bus
Cancellation Charge Please contact for Aso Onsen Tourist Ryokan Cooperetiv

Aso Onsen Tourist Ryokan Cooperative

TEL 0967-32-3330