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Chosen by the World. Niseko, My Extreme

With some of the world's best powder snow found at Niseko Annapuri, it is easy to see why skiers and snowboarders from all over the globe are obsessed with its charms.
With riders coming in search of powder snow, especially in the backcountry outside of the ski areas, The Niseko Rules have been established to ensure safety standards. Great efforts are being made in the Niseko Tourism Area to support winter tourism which is the area’s biggest draw.
Though even with no snow it is impossible to be bored, as the area is blessed with abundant nature, and many activities have been established including rafting, cycling and golf.
The stunning natural scenery of the mountains and the Shiribetsu River, along with a variety of hot springs, provide a kind of natural healing that will stays with you.
Niseko is not just about winter but provides excitement to people throughout all four seasons.

The Characteristics of this Area
■ Climate

The average annual temperature is about 8 degrees. The deepest snowfall in this heavy snow region is 2 meters. it is as a result of these temperatures the area receives the world's best powder snow. Recently it has also been a popular place to escape the heat of summer.

■ Nature

Mount Yotei in the Niseko Annapuri area is one of the Famous Hundred Peaks of Japan and Hokkaido's “Mt. Fuji” Japan's clearest river is Shiribetsu, there are lakes and marshes, and the changing scenery of the natural views are all treasures of the Niseko Tourism Zone.

■ Culture

The region is dotted with art and culture facilities. There are joint exhibitions with galleries and attractions such as the Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum and Shu Ogawara Museum of Art. In addition, many artists have been attracted to the area and are continuously producing works, so there is a very cosmopolitan, cultural feel to the area.

■ Cuisine

The Shiribetsu River has provided fertile soil for the growing of high quality rice and potatoes that are immensely popular. It is a treasure trove of agricultural produce with a wide variety, including sweet corn and melons. Dietary requirements can be catered for.


Experience program

Make a dish of Niseko

Work on communication and teamwork through cookery using Niseko ingredients.

Team Building Rafting

This is not just rafting for pleasure, but team building training that includes learning before and after the trip, as well as when coming down the river.

Photo Rogaining in the Great Outdoors of Niseko

Photo rogaining is a sport that anyone can enjoy.

Row your boat gently down the clear stream of snowy Niseko

A leisurely cruise which everyone can enjoy regardless of age.
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