Clear Waters, Fresh Air, Beautiful Mountains

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Clear Waters, Fresh Air, Beautiful Mountains

A land with warm people, fresh cuisine, and stunning nature, Niseko is a place of exploration and discovery. The incredible scenery accompanies visitors through all seasons--whether the verdant green of the warmer months, golden hues of the fall, or the delicate white of snowy winter, the richness of nature is always on display. The mountainous terrain also hides a collection of hot springs and inns, perfect places to stay amid this beautiful region.


Day 1

We will visit an art-gallery showcasing the works of by seven local artists who have contributed to Niseko's growing art scene for years. We invite you to enjoy these works firsthand as well as to hear the stories behind them

Participants fly to New Chitose Airport. We will move from New Chitose Airport via a chartered shuttle bus to Niseko's Hagetsuko Gallery Katachi (a gallery co-managed by seven artists of the Niseko Area). Visiting the Gallery RAM or another art gallery Reaching the hotel (in the Niseko Area) for our first night's stay.
Hotel: Depending on the customers' preferences, the hotel will be a business hotel, ryokan, condominium, hotel in the Niseko Area, etc.

Day 2

We will experience Niseko's nature, culture, history, land, and people through activities, cuisine and diving straight into local culture.

Departing from the hotel participating in one of the tours listed below back in the hotel

The Life Bringing Water of Mt. Yotei (Main points of the tour: The tour revolves around Mt. Yotei's spring water and includes rafting, soba noodle making, hiking around Kyogoku's Fukudashi Park, and coffee brewed with mountain spring water.)

Niseko Sustainable Lifestyle, a Nature and Canoe Tour (Main points of the tour: The tour revolves around how Niseko's inhabitants strive towards a sustainable lifestyle and includes a hike around the Makkari Wakimizu No Sato, lunch with fresh vegetables from the Niseko Area, and a guided canoe tour.)

Niseko Footpath, on Niseko's Path of Literature and History (Main points of the tour: The tour revolves around Niseko's history and Niseko's connection to the famous Japanese writer Arishima Takeo. Niseko's history will be introduced via a hike on Niseko's footpath, a visit to the Arishima Memorial Museum and the Ito fish (an endangered species) preservation site, and lunch in one of Niseko's local cafés.)

Niseko Mountain Range's Sulfur Hike and Hot Spring Experience (Main points of the tour: The tour revolves around the beautiful nature of the Niseko Mountain Range and includes a hike to the top of Mt. Iwaonupuri (a sulfur mountain), a walk around the Ooyunuma hot spring, a lecture about Niseko's hot springs, and a bathing experience in the Yukichichibu Hot Spring.)

Day 3

First, we visit Toyoura Town, part of the Usuzan National Park. Here you will learn about the local fishing indistury, where giant "Ezo" scallops are harvested. The stop here will also include a visit to the local market as well as a chance at fishing the scallops.
Later in the day, we will go to Kuromatsunai Town and hike through Buna Forest. The Buna Forest, also called the "green dam", stores tremendous amounts of water in its soil. Thanks to this natural water reservoir, the regions around the forest are easily irrigated with water which encourages the verdant richness of the area.

Departing from the hotel reaching Toyoura Town and starting the tour: "The unknown world of the giant Ezo scallops" (part of the tour is a visit to a fish market, lecture about the breeding process of the giant Ezo scallops, a scallop-fishing-experience, and lunch) reaching Kuromatsunai Town where we hike through the Hokugen No Nabu Rin. reaching New Chitose Airport or Hakodate No Yu No Kawa Onsen (depending on the schedule of the participants)

Gallery Katachi

Canadian Canoeing on the Shiribetsu River

Niseko Tourism Zone

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