Canoeing and Fishing Along The Shiribetsu River

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Canoeing and Fishing Along The Shiribetsu River

An easy-going day of canoeing along the crystal water of the Shiribetsu River. For those so inclined there is the opportunity to do some bait fishing along the river as well as to enjoy a lunch using all locally sourced ingredients right down to the last grain of rice.

8:30 Gather in Niseko Hotel area> Niseko Outdoor Center> Canoe Tour> [Shiribetsu River downstream area / approx. 6 km] Lunch [City teahouse]> Bait Fishing > Return to hotel by 16:20
Price: From ¥23,000~
Per Person Cost
2 Participants: 28,000 yen (per person)
4 Participants: 25,000 yen (per person)
6 Participants: 23,000 yen (per person)
Outdoor guide fee, lunch fee, transportation fee,
Canadian canoe and equipment, fishing equipment, bait (earthworm) included, towel fee, accident insurance fee
Best Time of Year June to Beginning of October
Ideal No. of People 2 to 6
Booking Deadline 10 days before departure
Age Limit
Mode of Transport Chartered shuttle bus
Cancellation Charge 10 days before the tour: 20%
4 days before the tour: 30%
1 day before the tour: 40%
Day of the Tour: 50%
Not attending without any further notice : 100%

Niseko Resort Tourist Association

TEL 0136-44-2468