Niseko Winter Experience Programme

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Niseko Tourism Zone

Niseko, My Extreme Niseko; the worlds pick

Forget all your daily trouble and strife with the powder snow and the beautiful Yotei and Annupuri mountains the We aim to provide the ultimate winter experience full of activities and experiences only found in Niseko thanks to the wonderful natural resources and quality facilities of the area.

Entry Program 03

Niseko Winter Experience Programme

a premier Ski Resort of Hokkaido offers much more than just skiing and snowboarding. People can stay, enjoy gourmet delights and relax all in the same place. We want your memory of a Niseko winter experience to be a lasting one.

Day 1

Enjoy views of Mt. Yotei on a relaxing river cruise

Activity contents 1

Relaxing River Cruise, Enjoy the Snowy Landscape of Niseko

This slow river ride is the perfect way to enjoy the snowy landscape of Niseko and can be enjoyed by all from children to the elderly. If you wrap up in warm clothes, no problem with cold. You can see the wonder of Mt. Yotei on this relaxing cruise.


Inside there is a low-bed and stove. Comfortable even in mid-Winter


Couture Camping Experience in Niseko Powder Snow

This camping experience, known as Glamping (Glamorous Camping), offers a wonderful camping experience even in mid-Winter. Fully furnished with a bed, carpets, and stove you can feel the wonder of Niseko’s Powder Snow in style. (Shower, washroom, and toilet are shared)


Day 2

A guided snow-shoe excursion through the snow cloaked forests of Niseko

Activity contents 2

Snow-Shoe Nature Tour

An experienced guide will show the wonders of the snow covered Niseko forests and introduce the unique aspects of winter forests including animal footprints and winter birds. Wearing snow-shoes you can easily walk on the snow. There will also be a tea break with sweets halfway through.


Enjoy the healthier alternative, “Ezo Venison Burger”


Unique Taste of Hokkaido “Ezo Venison Burger”

Ezo Venison has attracted much attention recently due as a healthy alternative to beef as it is lower in calories, higher in protein, and more iron rich by comparison. A handmade red wine sauce compliments the meat perfectly and draws out its unique flavour.

A fairy tale sleigh ride through the snow on a reindeer pulled sleigh

Activity contents 3

Reindeer Sleigh-Ride

Why not take a reindeer sleigh ride through the snow? Reindeer are related to deer and mostly live in the northern parts of the world. They are gentle and less aggressive. You can experience a fairy tale like a snow scene in Niseko.


Day 1
JR Kutchan Station -> (1 min walk) Town Station “Puratto” -> (20 mins drive rental car) Niseko Winter Scenery Cruise = 1hr 30 mins -> (15~20 mins travel) -> Hot Spring of your choice using “Yu Meguri Pass” => (15~20 mins travel) -> Niseko Bongo Square (Glam Camping)

Day 2
Bongo Square -> (10 mins travel) Snow-Shoe and Nature Tour = 2hrs -> (10 mins travel) Lunch – Venison Burger -> (10 mins travel) Reindeer Sled Ride -> (20 mins drive rental car) Town Station “Puratto” Disperse -> (1 min walk) JR Kutchan Station

Location where program starts and finishes / 1min walk from JR Kutchan Station, Town Station “Puratto”
Means of transport / Rental Car (Driving will be done by yourself during the trip)

A “Yumeguri Pass” is included in the tour package. With over 25 onsen facilities in Niseko Area and the Yumeguri Pass giving access to 4 of them, you can enjoy the wonderful onsen at you own leisure.
※A tour guide shall not accompany throughout the duration of the tour itinerary. The activities (winter river cruising, snow-shoe tour and reindeer sleigh-ride) shall be guided.