The Tales of the West Sea – Visit the history of relations connected by sea

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Sea Wind Country Sasebo Ojika Tourism Zone

‘Sea Wind Country’ Life Nurtured by the Sea - A Story of Hospitality on the Western Sea Coast -

Several hundreds of thousands of years ago, due to movement in the earth's crust, 826 kilometers of complex ria coastline on the western edge of Japan came into existence. Off this coast are 208 islands including the Kujuku Islands which run from south to north, as well as Uku and Ojika Islands in the Goto Island chain. Part of the the warm Kuroshio Current branches off to become the Tsushima Current, and this flows around these islands. This complicated coastline and islands have gifted the locals a place to live and it is known as ‘Ura’ by those who use this sea as the setting for their daily activities.
As a result of the very rare topography of this coastline, a unique way of life is taking root.
The people who live on these islands and inlets rely on the sea as a place to make their living and survive in the so-called ‘Sea Wind Country’. Visitors who are coming to this coast to experience the four seasons should know about the stories.
The ancient story goes that long ago before human beings were around, with the cooperation of mother nature, the people of the sea landed and started to live on the coast and the islands here.
The history continues that this was the first place where people, things, skills and beliefs were exchanged with the outside world.
It is also the story of a port much like a smaller version of Japan, having an awareness of global society, it becomes a modern island state.
When visitors come into contact with a part of this, the place, the times, the hopes and dreams of the people who live there, their joys and sorrows, they can realise that it comes from this profound story.

Entry Program 12

The Tales of the West Sea – Visit the history of relations connected by sea

A tour in which you can encounter the people living a spiritually rich life at the western coastal regions which became the first place in Japan to interact with foreign countries through people, things, skills and beliefs .
Explore the roots of Sasebo, which has put the sea as a place for living and developed by interacting with foreign countries. Walk around Ojika Island as if to live there, which still remains the original Japanese landscape.


SASEBO Cruise Bus ‘Umikaze’

Activity contents 1

SASEBO Sightseeing Cruise Bus

A guided bus tour in which you can enjoy all the famous Sasebo landmarks including the 99 islands and Japan Heritage cultural assets from our gorgeous bus.


SASEBO Port Town Walking

Activity contents 2

SASEBO Port Town Walking

A guided tour to walk around Sasebo where the Imperial Japanese Navy opened its port 127 years ago while feeling the breeze from the sea. This tour can provide you with opportunities to encounter wonderful people on a slope overlooking the town, in parks along the river and on backstreets of the shopping area.



Ojika Old Folk House Stay

There are some old folk houses operated as inns scattered in some villages on Ojika Island. These renovated houses which have a history of more than 100 years offer comfort like a hotel as well as beauty of the Japanese traditional houses. Enjoy your stay in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.



Ojika Fishing Village Walking

Activity contents 3

Ojika Fishing Village Walking

Ojika, a volcanic island, is a part of Saikai National Park for its
unique landscape. This guided tour will show you Ojika’s traditional landscape which has been designated as Cultural Landscape and tell you about its history while strolling through the backstreets of the shopping area. Knowledgeable guides and instructors are making this island tour more and more inviting.

Hotel Resol Sasebo Bon Saveur (Lemon Steak Lunch)


Hotel Resol Sasebo, Bon Saveur (Lemon Steak Lunch)

Lemon Steak is a Sasebo-style one with a lemon-flavored sauce.
Bon Saveur offers a 1cm-thick steak with a special Bouillon-based lemon sauce. Its aroma arouses appetite and the steak has a refreshing taste.

Mikawachi Ware (7-Chinese-kid Design)

Activity contents 4

Taxi Plan (Mikawachi Course, Hirado Domain’s official kilns)

A guided taxi tour by a guide designated as Sea Wind Country Sasebo Tourism Meister by Sasebo Mayor. Enjoy the atmosphere of Mikawachi porcelain town, which was designated as Japan Heritage by the Japanese Government in 2016 and whose products attractive the people all over the world.


Day 1
JR Sasebo Station –> 13:20-15:00 SASEBO Cruise Bus ‘Umikaze’ -> 15:15-16:00 SASEBO Port Town Walking ->16:10-18:00 Rapid Boat Sea Queen to Ojika Island -> Lodging (Old Folk House) * Dinner – Delivery Only (Sushi, etc)

Day 2
Breakfast (Catering Service) -> 9:30-10:30 Ojika Fishing Village Walking ->10:45-12:35 Rapid Boat Sea Queen to Sasebo -> 13:00 Lunch: Hotel Resol Sasebo Bon Saveur (Lemon Steak Lunch) -> 14:00 Mikawachi (Hirado Domain’s Official Kilns) Taxi Tour by a guide designated as Sea Wind Country Sasebo Tourism Meister -> 17:00 JR Sasebo Station

Location where program starts and finishes / JR Sasebo Train Station ・ Means of transport / Boat, Taxi