Kushiro Marshland Guided Tour

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Kushiro Marshland Guided Tour

This guided tour is designed to teach people about the ecology of the Kushiro Marshlands through a direct encounter with the surrounding nature along the parks wooden path.

10:00AM/01:00PM Meet up  2.2km walking tour (65mins)
Observatory tour (25mins) 11:30AM/2:30PM End
Price: From ¥ 2,500~
1 Adult \5,000, for groups of 2-20 \2,500 each
Entrance fee, Guide
Best Time of Year June 15th to October 31st
Ideal No. of People 1 to 20
Booking Deadline At least 3 days prior
Age Limit -
Mode of Transport Bus
Cancellation Charge 100% of the price

Kushiro Tourism & Convention Association

TEL 0154-31-1996
E-mail tour@kushiro-kankou.or.jp