The Local Wineries of Furano and Biei

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The Local Wineries of Furano and Biei

Despite initially suffering from the rugged terrain and various natural disasters, the farmers of this area have continued on to create a land rich with agricultural success. Uniquely, the area is well regarded for the cultivation of grapes and there is an abundance of wineries to visit and enjoy.

Accommodation (with round-trip Transportation):
Furano Wine = Domaine Reison = (Lunch) = Tada Winery = Accommodation
Price: From ¥24,000
For 4 to 20 people, 24,000 yen/person
(Charges will vary depending on the number of people that can be accommodated)
Best Time of Year May to September
Ideal No. of People 4 to 20
Booking Deadline Minimum 14 days prior
Age Limit
Mode of Transport Taxi, bus, etc.
Cancellation Charge 2 days prior 50%  1day before 50%  The same day 100%  No contact/non-participation 100%

Furano Tourism Association

TEL 0167-23-3388