Yatsugatake Adventure Retreat “Harmony with Nature -Coexisting with Water, Sun, and Stars”

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Yatsugatake Adventure Retreat “Harmony with Nature-Coexisting with Water, Sun, and Stars”

A tour exploring Yatsugatake area’s history and culture as it coexists with nature. Riding eco-friendly e-bikes and hiking around, visit its unique sites, such as a Jomon village from 5000 years ago, a military road built by samurai and Doryu falls, where you can appreciate the spectacle of abundant spring water, and a restaurant featuring local vegetables nurtured by pristine water and the sun.

〈1day〉12:00 Kobuchizawa Station・・<Cycling by e-bike>・・12:30 Lunch・・14:00 Idojiri Archaeological Site and Museum・・16:26 JR Koumi Line(Kobuchizawa Sta - Kiyosato or Nobeyama Sta)・・Accomodation

〈2day〉8:00~9:00 Accomodation・・<Cycling by e-bike>・・Seisen-ryo・・Hiking・・Doryu Falls Carpark<by e-bike>Pick up bento lunchbox・・Moegi no Mura・・15:44 JR Koumi Line(Kiyosato Sta - Kobuchizawa Sta)・・Accomodation

〈3day〉10:30 Accomodation・・Walking・・11:00 Horse Trekking ・・13:35 Lunch・・<Transfer by Taxi>・・Kobuchizawa Station, end of the tour.

Price: From ¥176,800~
►Guide fees  ►Interpreter fees  ►Rental fees for e-bikes ►Addmission fees of facilities visited on the tour ►Activity fees ►Accommodation fees (2 nights) ►Breakfast(2 days)・Lunch(3 days)・Dinner(2 days)►Transportation fees from the beginning to the end of the tour
Best Time of Year May to Early November
Off Season GW
Mode of Transport JR
Ideal No. of People 2~5
Minimum No. of People 2
Availability of Guide Yes
Booking Deadline 30 days prior to the tour starting date
Cancellation Charge Cancellation on or after the 20th day from the day immediately preceding the starting day of the tour: 20%
Cancellation on or after the 7th day from the day immediately preceding the starting day of the tour: 30%
Cancellation the day immediately before the starting day of the tour: 40%
In cases where the contract is cancelled on the starting day of the Tour: 50%
Cancellation after the start of the tour or the traveler does not participate in the tour without notice (no show) : 100%
Appropriate Age to book 12〜
Inclusions of Meals / Inn Yes
Recommended Restaurant・Inn(Sakura Quality) Harvest Terrace Yatsugatake, Kiyosato Oka no Koen Camping Site, Organic café Gopan, Lodge Keyspring Yatsugatake Hotel(Yamanashi Green Zone)
Is This Content Weather Dependant? ►Itinerary may be changed or canceled after the tour starts. In this case, an itinerary change guarantee payment will be made in accordance with the travel agency agreement, except for reasons such as natural disasters.
Other Notes Items to bring
► Gloves
► Clothes that are comfortable to move around in
► Rain gear (Rain jacket and pants)
► Helmet (Rental is available if you don't have one.)
► Backpack that can carry one night's gear
► Sun glasses
► Sunscreen
► Drink (About 1L/day)
► Energy food (If needed)

Contact Details:Heartland JAPAN(Liberta Inc.)