Kanabiki Falls “TAKIGYO”

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Kanabiki Falls “TAKIGYO”

Takigyo is an ancient form of meditation and spiritual training where one stands under the streaming waters of a waterfall. The mysterious Kanabiki Falls are an ideal location to take part in this ancient tradition.

Kanabiki Falls Parking Lot (Meet)
Preparation and explanation ・・・Change of clothes・・・Preparatory Prayer・・・ Takigyo・・・End
Price: From ¥4,000
Best Time of Year October to March
Ideal No. of People 2~10
Booking Deadline at least 10 days prior
Age Limit Middle School~
Mode of Transport n/a, meet at the venue via your own means
Cancellation Charge 5 to 2 days prior 30%, day before 40%, day of 50%, day of with no contact 100%

Kyoto of the sea DMO

TEL 0772-68-1355