1,000m sky resort with a superb view of Mt.Fuji – Stars, water and nature of Yatsugatake – “ The journey to rediscover the pureness of yourself ”

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Yatsugatake Tourism Zone

1,000m sky resort YATSUGATAKE -The place where you rediscover the pureness of yourself-

There is a clear blue sky found at Yatsugatake and the 3 Japanese Alps Mountains, which are towering the center of Japan. The color of that sky is known as “Yatsugatake blue”. All of nature living within 1,000 meters - a breeze of six degrees temperature difference, the four seasons, villages, highlands, mountains, and forests. The world that is covered by these heavens has been nurturing the people of Yatsugatake for a long time, giving them the ability to create art, to have a culture that respects nature and showing them how to live in coexistence with it. It teaches them the importance of having a clear eye to see the spirit of nature, and a sharp ear to hear its natural rhythms.

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1,000m sky resort with a superb view of Mt.Fuji – Stars, water and nature of Yatsugatake – “ The journey to rediscover the pureness of yourself ”

On the Kiyosato Terrace at an altitude of 1,900 m, you gets healed by the spectacular scenery of Yatsugatake Highland, and at night you gets on a special train “HIGH RAIL 1375”, to appreciate the romantic starry sky with a Stargazing Guide.
Next morning, after visiting the Minami-Alps Hakushu water plant or the Whiskey Distillery, you will tour a Japanese sake brewery or a traditional sweets shop which is known as the original of “The Rain Drop Cake” in the post-town since the Edo period. Let’s enjoy “Kiyosato Jumbo Burger” with generous use of locally produced highland vegetables and brand meats for lunch at “Makiba Park Restaurant” while viewing the magnificent view of Mt.Fuji and the Minami-Alps Mountains.


The Kiyosato Terrace, Sun Meadows Kiyosato

Activity contents 1

The Kiyosato terrace at an altitude of 1,900m

In the summer season, if you climb at a stretch from the center house of Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort by lift to altitude of 1900 m, you will arrive at "Kiyosato Terrace" suitable for the sky resort. Relaxing with sofa bed directing private space, the time of watching the great landscape of the Yatsugatake Highland, Mt.Fuji and the Minami-Alps mountains spreading under the eyes will be a moment of bliss.


HIGH RAIL 1375, the tourist train of JR Koumi line 

Activity contents 2

Sky Resort Train “HIGH RAIL 1375”

Koumi Line is running the highest point of JR Line in Japan. Let's enjoy traveling the highland and feeling the universe through the tourist train "HIGH RAIL 1375" introduced from 2017.

The starry sky of Yatsugatake

Activity contents 3

The starry sky observation in Yatsugatake Highland

Enjoy the starry sky observation conducted by the stargazing guides on the Yatsugatake Highland above the altitude of 1300m. Because of the higher fine weather rate and the lower light pollution at the southern foot of Yatsugatake, it can be seen up to the sixth magnitude stars with the naked eye. A breathtaking starry heaven will spread over the head of everyone who got off HIGH RAIL.



A local stylish accommodation in Yatsugatake Highland

In the foot of Yatsugatake mountains, a number of stylish accommodations under private management are located together. In this trip, stay at those Picturesque accommodations and enjoy the kind hospitality and refreshing highland life.


The Entrance of the Suntory Minami-Alps Hakushu Water Plant

Activity contents 4

Visiting the Suntory Minami-Alps Hakushu Water Plant or the Whiskey Distillery

Hakushu, the one of Japan's leading water places is also located in the mountain foot of the Minami-Alps within the Yatsugatake Tourism Zone. Through the guide tour, it will be introduced to you that the rich nature of the World Class Water Mountains, the process of producing whiskey and the mineral water. Off course, you can enjoy tasting them in this tour.


Daigahara-juku, the old post-town from the Edo period

Activity contents 5

Visiting a Japanese sake brewery or making traditional sweets experience in the post-town from the Edo period

Daigahara-juku is the post-town that flourished in the Edo period. A number of old-fashioned houses and shops lined. You will visit sake "Shichiken" brewery, or make traditional sweets experience at the old Japanese confectionary shop "Kinsei-Ken" which is famous for the original of the Rain Drop Cake.


The Kiyosato Jumbo Burger, Makiba Park Restaurant


"Kiyosato jumbo burger", the Makiba Park Restaurant

At Makiba Park Restaurant, you can enjoy meals while watching the magnificent mountains such as Mt.Fuji and Yatsugatake. You must try "the Kiyosato Jumbo Burger", combined with plenty of the highland vegetables, the Fuji-Zakura Pork bacon, the Koshu Wine Beef 100% hamburger steak and the special tartar sauce.

The view of Mt.Fuji and Oku-Chichibu mountains from the Makiba Park

Activity contents 6

Makiba Park, a superb view spot that symbolizes the 1,000m sky resort Yatsugatake

The Yamanashi Prefectural Makiba Park spreading in the vicinity of 1,400 m in altitude is overflowing with an open feeling. From the park, The perfectly scenic view of the mountains extends in all direction. You can find Mt.Fuji in the south, the Minami-Alps mountains in the west, the Oku-Chichibu mountains in the east and Yatsugatake in the north. Goats and sheeps are grazed during the summer in the park, and the adorable appearance which munch the grass make us feel better.


Day 1
13: 00 Meeting at Kiyosato station --- 13: 15 Sun Meadows Kiyosato --- 15: 30 Sun Meadows Kiyosato (Transfer service by the accommodation) --- 16:00 Check in and dinner in the accommodation --- 17: 50 departure from the Accommodation (Transfer service) --- 18: 20 Departure from Kobuchisawa Station (HIGH RAIL Hoshizora) --- 18: 58 Arrival to Nobeyama station (Stargazing party) --- 20: 00 Departure from Nobeyama station (Transfer service) --- 20:30 arrival to accommodation

Day 2
8:00 breakfast --- 10:00 departure from Accommodation(Transfer service) --- 10:30 Suntory Hakushu distillery or 10:45 Suntory Hakushu Water Plant (Visit and tasting) --- 11:50 Departure from Suntory Hakushu Distillery or Water Plant --- 12:00 Daigahara post-town (visit sake brewery or Japanese sweets making experience) --- 13:00 Departure from Daigahara Post-town --- 13:30 Makiba Park(Lunch) --- 15:30 Departure from Makiba Park --- 15: 40 Arrival Kiyosato Station * Please note that the time may change depending on the situation of each facility or transport agency.

Location where program starts and finishes / Kiyosato Station, JR Koumi Line ・ Means of transport / Taxi