To you who want to know more deeply Japan. Origin of old tale: The journey to visit the path where the “Oni” demon existed and real “Urashima” legend.

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Kyoto by the Sea Tourism Zone

The source of Japan Living Between Heaven and Earth

Kyoto by the sea is located in northern part of Kyoto prefecture and it takes only 2 hours from Kyoto city. In ancient time, mighty government existed here and unique culture that be able to call “the source of Japan” had bloomed. Then, the culture changed to mythology and folklore. This area was well known as the place people living in Kyoto city the center of politics and culture in Japan (ancient Kyoto) long to visit once in a lifetime. In other words, this area is origin of Kyoto city. Now, Let’s go on a trip to find the roots of Japan.

Entry Program 08

To you who want to know more deeply Japan. Origin of old tale: The journey to visit the path where the “Oni” demon existed and real “Urashima” legend.

From the ancient times, trade with the overseas continent was done frequently in this area. We can find the description about the most famous legends in Japan such as “Amanohashidate” that was birthplace of this country and “Urashimako” in “Urashima” legend and “Nagusha” in “Hagoromo” legend in old documents.
In this pilgrim tour, you will understand and connect historical facts and legend scattered in this area and you will communicate with inhabitants deeply beyond the time. In the end of the tour, you will feel the essence of Kyoto by the sea.


the trace of building a descendant of the person who did demon extermination started.

Activity contents 1

Going the path the Oni demon existed

Although there are several stories about Oni in Japan, it is rare that one area has 3 stories. In this time, you will experience the journey to another world by visiting the places derived from 3 Oni demon extermination. You can find some trace with high credibility of Oni and it will stimulate your curiosity of travel.


The power spot many worshipper come from all over the Japan.

Activity contents 2

Himurogatake worship place

Himurogatake is the mysterious mountain what the god has formed. You can see the mountains nearly from the worship place. In summer solstice, you can see the sun sets on the top of the mountain.

rice terrace spreading over the old path

Activity contents 3

To Amanohashidate where the gods of Japan used it as ladder from heaven to earth.

You go the way of pilgrimage to Amanohasidate via rice terrace in Kehara. This rice terrace is most beautiful 100 one in Japan. You can see the beautiful scenery of Miyazu bay and Tango peninsula on your way.



Funaya boat house of Ine

You can see the peculiar scene called as Japanese Venetia where 200 Funaya house lines along Ine bay. Funaya houses of Ine have a unique structure with a boat garage on the 1st floor and a living room on the 2nd floor. This area is designated as the national important traditional structures. Please enjoy special time with fresh sea foods and scenery.



It owns the most oldest picture scroll telling Urashima legend

Activity contents 4

Visiting to Urashima legend

You visit the Urashima-jinja shrine. He explains the story of Taro Urashima with old picture scloll. You can also see the Tamatebako box that appear in the legend.


The unique fishing people in Ine get the fish for dinner

Activity contents 5

Experience of usual life of Ine

Local guide will guide you about townscape and life in Ine. It is the most famous guide tour in Ine. You can experience the unique fishing using Mondori-traps, people get fish by putting parts of a fish into the gage and sink it in the sea in front of the house. Then you visit a famous sake brewery Mukai Shuzou. You can try tasting several sake the woman brewer make.


the restaurant in Ine village opened in this spring


Funayabiyori ocean-view restaurant

The restaurant deal fresh sea foods and vegetables and homemade dried fish and local sake. You can enjoy the lunch in the spacious mood in Ine.


The shrine with the most high formality in this region

Activity contents 6

Motoise-Kono-Jinja shrine(formal worship and shrine treasure)

This shrine is the one of shrines with the most highest formality in Japan and worship the Amaterasu-Oomikami and Toyoukeno-Oomikami the same god of Ise shrine. It owns several national treasures and important cultural properties. You will feel the majestic atomospher.


Day 1
12:15 Ooe station → 12:30 Seionji-temple → 13:30 Tanaka Japanese Washi paper factory → (Oni-ga-chaya) → rice terrace in Kehara → 15:30 museum of Oni → Amanohashidate → Funaya boat house in Ine(stay)

Day 2
8:50 checkout → 9:15 Urashima-jinja-shrine → 10:30 Ine guide tour → 12:00 Lunch(Funayabiyori : ocean-view restaurant) → Motoise-Kono-Jinja shrine(formal worship and shrine treasure) → View spot of Amanohashidate → Amanohashidate station

Location where program starts and finishes / Ooe station(Kyoto tango railway) ・ Means of transport / Taxi